Created by and for FREERIDE lovers. High performance technical products for the most experienced skiers who need a product that performs to the maximum in any condition or terrain requirement.

We are passionate about the mountains

Don't wonder about who we are; better ask yourself who you are and there… we will be there. And it is that Uller is a team made up of people like you: lovers of freeride, of the mountains, of snow in all its forms and of fresh air. We design our products with us first. And no, not out of egocentrism. We do it because we seek comfort and sophistication for which we would bet the first. After all, that is what launching a project consists of.

We bring our name to Spain from Scandinavia, one of the territories par excellence with the greatest winter culture, specifically from Norway, where the word Uller there mentions the God of Winter. In fact, we have become the first 100% Spanish winter accessories company, these accessories being Premium that seek to offer you the best features to fully adapt to your rhythm and modality. Regardless of your level, we want to accompany you on all the adventures that we know are just around the corner of your life.

We are athletes, passionate about life


Created to meet the most demanding needs of the FREERIDE modality with precise elements of the highest quality that ensure high performance in the most adverse conditions. We test all our products taking them to the maximum level of stress to make sure they respond as we expect them to.

premium quality above all else

How do we manage to guarantee excellence in our products? In addition to having a team of expert designers, we test them on professional athletes who help us understand their behavior and response to extreme situations, moments in which we expect maximum performance from them. Little by little we have managed to have a wide variety of models among which you will surely find yours. You have a lot to choose from! We seek to improve ourselves day by day and develop new designs. Designs that are always better, with a large number of collaborators who help us and bring us closer to excellence.


Living is wonderful, we love everything that Mother Nature gives us and gives us every day of our lives. The world is full of amazing places to explore and enjoy.

Deep down we have one thing clear: we chase adrenaline to feel alive. To fill our chests and discover that there are no limits. We pursue the impossible to prove that it is the opposite, knowing that many will call us crazy. But so what? What they don't know is that they are the crazy ones. Because of course everyone has days when we prefer not to face fear. Of course, everyone has days when we want not to reach the limit of our possibilities, but our goal is to try to improve ourselves and not give in to fear because we have always believed that it is better to regret it than to want to have tried it .

So yes: of course we are a little crazy, or just feel alive.