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Thunder Sports Glasses Collection: Functional and safe, take your sports journey to another level.

When we go to practice a sport like skiing, cycling or running, we realize that we need equipment that meets all our needs, good skis, good clothing that allows us to sweat and move easily. However, when we talk about sports glasses we don't think about it so carefully because it is a detail that often goes unnoticed, but what would you think if we told you that the use of glasses is as important as the use of a protective helmet?

Do you know the risks you expose your eyes to when you are in the middle of a downhill journey on your bike crossing unevenness and potholes? some glasses could make this experience completely different. That is why, in our article today, we bring you the 'Thunder' collection of sports glasses from Uller and we tell you everything that is hidden behind them.

Thunder Collection


The Thunder sports glasses have been created to protect your eyes during outdoor and adventure sports such as cycling, skiing and running.For its design and colors we have been inspired by the Truenos, hence its name Thunder in English. This natural phenomenon that is characterized by its speed, power and immediacy, represents the profile of our sportsman, who with our sports glasses will not find any obstacle to take his route beyond his expectations and live his day on the road in the most intense way. .

Why choose our glasses?

Surely you will ask yourself this question every time you buy glasses from any brand. We can't tell you why you shouldn't choose the others, but we can tell you why you should choose ours.

Our sports glasses have been created under the highest standards of technology and quality. Making sure that the products we offer meet the needs of our customers. What makes us different? That the sports glasses Thunder were designed by high-performance athletes in disciplines such as cycling, trail running and skiing, putting our glasses to the test in extreme situations, where the benefits in terms of comfort and safety that our athletes experienced gave certainty of the product that we are offering to the public, evolving according to the challenges and needs that the market demands.

Ergonomic design and light frame

Its modern and attractive design is in keeping with the imagery of adventure, skill and fun that we preach from here. In addition, they have a variety of neutral colors adaptable to the style of men and women.So beyond a safety element, sports glasses are undoubtedly one of the most attractive elements that make up your equipment, so why not show them off?

The frame of the Thunder sports glasses collection is made of TR90, an ultralight material made of 85% nylon, this allows the frame to be elastic and does not put weight on the nose or hands ears. Providing greater lightness and resistance.

Interchangeable and high definition lenses


At Uller, we make sure that the product has enviable technology, and in this case, the 'thunder' will be no less.

Training with demanding conditions requires the use of exhaustive equipment that provides the best possibilities for the athlete, therefore, the Thunder that have the option of interchangeable lenses, which allow you to go from Category 3, ideal for sunny days where the filter will allow only 8% to 18% of light to pass into your eyes, to Category 1, ideal for those days where you need greater visibility such as cloudy days where 43% to 80% of light filters through. In addition, for both cases, the lenses of these glasses have UV400 protection, shielding you from any eye injury that the sun's rays may cause.

Colección Thunder

In addition these lenses have High Tech Performance Optics X-POLAR that guarantee greater visibility of the terrain, characterized by high definition and color contrasts , which allows the athlete to identify reliefs and obstacles in advance, thus improving their ability to react to accidents.

You also don't have to worry about how long the glasses will last, since the quality materials with which they are manufactured guarantee that the product is hard and resistant against any possible blow, they also come with a rigid transport case and a cleaning cloth that will inevitably lengthen their useful life.

Lentes X Polar - Colección Thunder Uller

We hope this article has been helpful to you and that your choice of glasses will be easier for you. Remember that our 'Thunder' model is undoubtedly the most complete and that your purchase will become a full-fledged investment. Quality, but above all fun and adventure at your fingertips. Who said that to be safe you had to give up fun? Get your glasses and live your favorite sport to the fullest, whether it's winter or summer, rain, shine or shine. And you, what are you waiting for to have your 'Thunder'?