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Get to know the latest trends in ski goggles 2021!

We love snowy days! But without a doubt riders and skiers are the ones who freak out the most when the ski season arrives, impatient for the next long weekend or weekend getaway to arrive.

Ski lovers always prefer freshly fallen snow, and the truth is that it is appreciated that even on summer days we see a little snow in the nearest resorts. And that's why it's so important to be ready for action!

The question is: Do you already have all your equipment ready, including your ski goggles 20-21 for this season?

One of the most important sports accessories that you should always take with you when you visit the snow are your trusty ski goggles. It does not matter if you are a lover of snowboarding or skiing.

It is not possible to practice snow sports without proper protection and the almost “magical” touch that ski goggles give riders And! is that there are too many reasons why we should always wear them! Regardless of the season you go to or the type of snow that falls. The ski goggles 20-21 are a must!

Keep reading and discover all the benefits of wearing the best glasses!

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Why should I wear ski goggles?

One of the disadvantages of snow is that it can be very harmful to our eye health if we do not take the correct precautions. When we go skiing, our eyes are highly exposed to the sun's ultraviolet rays.

That is why both professional and beginner skiers should protect their eyesight with ski goggles and sunglasses. The effects of snow on the eyes and vision can occur very quickly and almost without realizing it, and for this reason it is always recommended to wear eye protection when in snowy areas, including the so-called "snow blindness".

What is snow blindness?

Snow blindness is one of the most common eye injuries that you can suffer from overexposure to solar radiation in snowy areas. This represents a danger that you have to try to avoid at all costs. The scientific name for this condition is solar keratitis, although it is also known as “photokeratitis”, and it consists of inflammation of the outermost transparent area of ​​the eye called the cornea.

We must always wear our certified ski goggles so as not to suffer the symptoms of snow blindness, which can appear 6 to 12 hours after exposure to excessive light and radiation, and most commonly both eyes are affected by the lesion. The most common symptoms include decreased visual acuity, sensitivity to light, red eyes, a gritty feeling, tearing, and severe pain.

We must take care of our eyes from the reflective effects of the snow. It is essential to take into account how harmful snow can be for our vision and ocular acuity as a precaution, and also to understand the importance of always wearing our ski goggles to take care of our eyes.

The ski holiday seasons between riders and colleagues are unforgettable moments that we should not miss if we have the opportunity to enjoy them, but it is essential to understand that risky and adventure activities must be taken very seriously and take all the preventive measures we can with our snow masks.

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Why can snowy areas be harmful to our vision?

Snowy areas are especially harmful to the eyes for these 2 main reasons:

  • Snow reflects up to 80% of UV radiation. This means that it is four times more reflective than water, which is also a concern for our vision.
  • The altitude of the snowy areas affects us more. The harmful effect of the sun increases in snowy areas since the proportion of ultraviolet radiation increases 10% for every 1000m of altitude, as a result of the decrease in the atmospheric filter.

Solar radiation covers us daily, including the cloudiest days, and areas with snow are no exception. In fact, these areas are one of the terrestrial surfaces to which greater care and prevention must be taken.

Its characteristics and conditions enhance the level of conditions caused by solar radiation in the snow. We should always wear good protective ski goggles to take good care of our eyesight and guarantee excellent vision of the environment in action, avoiding committing ourselves to any type of serious damage.

In addition to what is known as solar keratitis, it is important to always wear glasses to protect us from other conditions such as retinal lesions, excessive eye fatigue and visual tension. We avoid all this with good quality ski goggles that protect our vision and help us to be better riders every day.

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What are the best ski goggles 20-21?

The best ski goggles are quality goggles that meet our needs as skiers or snowboarders, and protect us from the sun and weather as it should.

The best ski goggles:

  • They must be approved and comply with ISO standards, displaying their CE certification with a guarantee from the European Union.
  • They must be ski goggles polarized to help us avoid annoying reflections.
  • They must have interchangeable magnetic lenses to choose the best category of glass according to the light and occasion.
  • Ensure sun protection of at least 90%; less than that will be little.
  • Have UV-400 protection, that is, against the sun's UVA and UVB rays.
  • Be made of moldable polycarbonates, such as thermoplastic polyurethane, for better flexibility and grip.
  • They must beski gogglesresistant, light, comfortable and above all adjustable so that they can correctly fulfill their function.
  • Be ski goggles with anti-slip adjustment strap.
  • They must have a self-condensing internal ventilation system so that air recirculation is progressive and guarantees your visibility.
  • Count among its specifications a double layer anti-fog system (antifog) so that they do not fog up when using.

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    Ski goggles 20-21: Trends

    The trends of ski goggles are based on 4 aspects: colour, size, dynamism and frame. This year the trend is to wear bright colors that, in addition to protectors, make you look incredible.

    The trends of ski goggles 20-21 are:

    • Ski goggles in vibrant colors
    • Semi-invisible frame ski goggles
    • Thick frame ski goggles
    • Stylish ski goggles

    However, the biggest trend this year is the new technology: High Tech Performance Optics X-POLAR.

    Thinking about buying a new ski goggles can arouse some nerves, but if you are very clear about the necessary recommendations to follow to meet your objectives in action, then everything will be much easier for you.


    • Choose quality.
    • Invest in technology.
    • Reflect your style and personality.
    • Search for the best material.
    • Choose ski goggles certified with UV400 sun protection.
    • Choose versatile ski goggles with interchangeable lenses: for fog, rain, blizzards and the 2020-2021 ski season.

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    Now that it is clear to us that safety comes first, what are you waiting for to buy your new ski goggles 20-21? See you on the adventure!