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mejores snowparks


The best snowparks where to show off your ski goggles

Snow offers endless possibilities. We all agree on that, right? Possibly what you have tried the most is skiing or snowboarding on the slopes, but have you tried perfecting your technique and trying the odd trick in a snowpark?

Firstly, we are going to define what a snowpark is. It is an area adapted in the snow with different elements, from modules to boxes, railings and other obstacles to give free rein to the imagination and try to do tricks and pirouettes that are less daring. It is also the meeting point for skilful lovers of jumping, similar to what a skatepark would be, but in the snow.

mejores snowparks

Spain and Andorra have dozens of snowparks and freeride areas for all tastes.Wherever you live, if you are fond of this type of thing, surely you have a good option nearby. Here we tell you about the best snowparks on the peninsula, take note!

Among the offers that we find in winter sports, snowboarding is probably the one that arouses the most passion. The adrenaline rush you get while practicing it may be the explanation why it is so successful among people. In many resorts we can find perfect tracks and conditioned areas ideal for practicing this sport, and even enjoying freeriding with impossible descents.

Baqueira, Astún, Candanchú or Formigal are the destinations you are looking for. They are located in the Aragonese Pyrenees, where you can find everything from beginners to experts, all offering a unique and unforgettable experience.

mejores snowparks


  1. Snowpark El Tarter (Grandvalira)

The El Tarter snowpark is one of those locations that is marked yes or yes on all the maps of lovers of this discipline, and it is located in the Grandvalira ski resort. In fact, many dare to say that it is the best snowpark on the Peninsula and the Pyrenees. Currently, this space has a length of 1.4 km and numerous areas where you can practice and improve your technique, and perfect for all visitors, from the most novice to the most experienced.

In addition, many events and competitions are held in this space year after year, such as the Total Fight Master, an event that accumulates more followers and media coverage in each edition given the high level of the participants. From our offices we encourage you to attend, since the best way to learn is by observing and trying to imitate afterwards.

  1. Super Park Sulayr (Sierra Nevada)

The Sulayr super park, which is another of the areas chosen for our list of the best snowparks on the Peninsula, is located in the Sierra Nevada ski resort, 106.8 km skiable. This year you can find this space in the Loma de Dílar.

This surface has modules for all ages and levels. From small jumps of 4, 5 and 6 m, to straight and curved rails, going through the half pipe in snow (recommended only for the most expert freestyle lovers). As you can see, the Sulayr super park is a place to get lost throughout the day.

  1. Cerler Snowpark

It is undeniable that the Cerler snowpark is one of the most popular and famous in the entire Peninsula thanks to the daily work of the entire Aramón team that perfectly maintains each and every one of its facilities in the Rincón de hielo sector . And it is that, despite the fact that it sounds a bit idyllic, this name fits like a glove since it perfectly describes this area of ​​Cerler.

Despite not being very extensive, it is perfectly signposted and studied so that, whatever level you have, you can enjoy all the time you spend there. In addition, another aspect that we love about the Cerler snowpark is that right next to it there is a small cabin where they make hamburgers that seem to come from paradise itself. Ideal for regaining strength!

mejores snowparks

  1. Arinsal Snowpark (Vallnord)

Another of the most renowned freestyle areas on the Peninsula is the Arinsal Snowpark, located in the sector of the same name, which belongs to the Vallnord ski resort. Among its facilities we highlight its impressive kickers (snow mounds that act as ramps) and its spectacular gibbings (railings and boxes) that will delight all those who want to push their knowledge of this discipline to the limit.

We also recommend you pay attention to our news section, since, as every year, this snow location promises to be a meeting point for the most famous freestylers on the current ski and snowboard scene. We will inform you of all this so you do not miss anything!

  1. Snowpark Alabaus (Molina)

As they well say, Alabaus is one of the most pro snowparks on the Peninsula. Located in the western part of the La Molina ski resort, this area has a wide variety of modules.

Its facilities include a 170 m long superpipe (a superpipe is a tube-shaped structure that allows you to perform pirouettes in it), a circuit with rail lines and another, a bit more professional, with boxes and jumps. From Esquiades.com, we want to highlight the latter since freestyle events have been held on this tour.

mejores snowparks

Are you already sure which will be your favorite snowpark? Or why don't you all try on? Take out the agenda and go planning your getaways to the snow. Thousands of adventures await you, jumps, pirouettes and descents in the different stations of the Peninsula.