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10 planes de après-ski en la estación de esquí de Cerler.


10 après-ski plans at the Cerler ski resort.

The Aramón Cerler ski resort is one of the highest resorts in the entire Pyrenees and with one of the points with the highest skiable elevation, El Gallinero, located at 2,630 meters above sea level. This station, located in the municipality of Benasque (Huesca), is considered one of the most skiable, due to its relatively dry air, and being surrounded by 60 peaks that exceed 3,000 meters in height: Pico Posets, which reaches 3,375 meters in height. height and slightly surpassed by Pico Aneto 3404 m. These peaks offer incomparable landscapes that surround the Valley of Ampriu and Cerler.

The Cerler station is considered one of the most sporting, although it offers extensive descents such as El Gallinero, Sarrau, Quebrantahuesos or La Olla, where you can enjoy magnificent slopes and descents that are somewhat longer than normal. In addition to this, the resort has a snowpark ideal for those who like to experience new trends in snow sports. But hey, since in these alpine paradises not everything is snow and skiing, come the afternoon you will want to distract yourself a bit, and see what other options the resort offers you so that you and your family can enjoy.

Yes you are inside the station

1. Speed ​​Riding

Spreeriding en cerler

In a very innovative and somewhat different way, you will see at any moment one or another colored sail at the top of the mountain. Although, a few years ago a new modality was created that is to fly over the slopes while skiing. You are practically going to be flying and skiing at the same time, they are smaller wings that allow you to keep your feet on the ground, good in the snow.

2.Search for pirate treasure

We know that if you are visiting the Aramón Cerler ski slope and you go with your family, what you most want is for the children to enjoy their free time as much as you do. That is why the station offers a map in the customer service center with some supposed treasures that are hidden in various areas of the station, it is fun and entertaining, since it motivates the children to take a walk around the station, finding in turn , rewards.

3.Mulled wine and party in Remáscaro

Fiesta con DJ en Remascaro, Estación de Esqui de Cerler.

Anyone who loves skiing and has never heard of the party at the Aramón Cerler station is because they needed to read our article. Whether you know Cerler or not, Remáscaro is the entertainment venue par excellence: drinks, beer, tapas and parties with live music. Every Thursday and Friday there is an après - ski to move the body a little (more) and enjoy a good party with DJs like Diego Aguas, Capi Breccia, Diego Parrot, Rocket Dj among others. Also, very important, the tradition is that every Monday is free mulled wine and Tuesday is free chocolate.

If you visit Ampriu Park

Located inside the resort, this park offers an alternative for those who want to enjoy the snow in a different way and what you can do once you finish your day of skiing.

4. Snow sledding

Imagine continuing to feel adrenaline and enjoying the snow but this time on a sled. In this case, you can rent sledges with your family and friends and let yourself slide down one of the largest slopes in the Pyrenees.In addition to this, you can use the climbing tape that will allow you to go up and down to slide as many times as you want.

5.Becoming a Professional Musher

Mushing o trineo con perros apres ski en Cerler

Leashes, sledges, snow and . Dogs, lots of dogs. At the Cerler station you will be able to transport yourself to times when in Siberian lands man was part of a pack of wolves that helped him cross long kilometers in the middle of the snow and uninhabited forest, in search of subsistence.Now, leaving history aside, mushing, in addition to being a means of transportation, became a sport and even an attraction for those who wish to live up close what it is like to be pulled by a dozen huskies willing to give you the best of adventures.

Something that differentiates the Cerler station from the rest is that here at the end they will give you a Brave Adventurer Musher certificate. You will also learn the legend of Panuk, what is it? We do not want to spur and the best thing is that you live it yourself!

6. Riding a motorcycle through the snow

Motos de nieve como apreskí en Cerler

As well as the offer of dog sledding or letting yourself slide down the slopes of Cerler, you can spend a pleasant afternoon full of speed with the snowmobiles that you can find at the resort. You do the routes in the Valle de Ampriu, you can do it during the day or even at night through an illuminated track that includes a dinner with the most typical of the Pyrenees, to make this experience even most amazing.

If you walk around

7. Visit Benasque

Valle de Benasque , estación de esquí Cerler

At 1140 m high, we arrive at the most important place in the Benasque Valley, or as it is also known as the 'Hidden Valley', where you can also find the Posets - Maladeta Natural Park and in its surroundings you can visit Cerler or Anciles.

It has a romantic-style church dating from the 13th century, and it has also been considered the chamomix of the Pyrenees for its alpine and winter atmosphere. If you decide to go down to the town, you must at least walk through its narrow streets and appreciate its architecture, also visit the interpretation center of the posets-maladeta natural park and spend an afternoon shopping at the Barrabés store, and eat typical Fogaril game dishes .

8.A relaxing spa overlooking the HG Cerler hotel.

Hotel HG en Cerler Spa Apreski

A hotel with views of the Benasque Valley and surrounded by one of the most imposing peaks: Aneto and the Aramón Cerler ski resort. It turns out to be the ideal space to enjoy with family and friends, since it offers, in addition to a varied gastronomy menu, a wellness space with a spa that you can enjoy once you get back from skiing to acclimatize again.

9. Discover Cerler

Cerler estación de esquí aramón cerler

Cerler is in fact the highest town in the Aragonese Pyrenees, located at 1550 meters above sea level, it is famous for being the passageway for millions of skiers who have ascended to the station since the first slopes began to be made ski. It is often said that the first skiers who climbed Cerler had to sleep in the houses of the town to be able to continue the following morning with the route, and once up they returned by mule to Benasque.

Today, the architecture of the 16th century and the gastronomic wealth are one of the main attractions of this town, where houses made of stone prevail. It is usually a starting point to get to know the surroundings of the town or go up to the station by chairlift.Après ski also takes place around the resort, more precisely speaking in Anciles, a small medieval village in the municipality of Benasque. A town with cobbled streets, and houses made of stone that also date from the 17th century.

10.Enjoy the gastronomic offer.

Oferta gastronomica en la estación de esquí de Cerler

The experience of a ski season would not be the same without being able to enjoy good gastronomy, and the truth is that this resort has a great variety for both children and adults. If you go with your family, the pizzeria 'El Bosque' was designed for the little ones to enjoy a good pizza made in a wood-fired oven. Also in Remáscaro, you can enjoy a good tentenpie and in 'Cota 2000' you can enjoy a good sandwich and grilled meat. Going a little further away in 'La Solana' in Cerler, you can taste a good plate of lentils with ribs and chorizo ​​that will make you forget about the cold, or a good plate of mushrooms, onion soup and grilled meats. embers in the Borda del Mastín.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many skiable kilometers does the Aramón Cerler ski resort have?

The Aramón Cerler ski resort has a total of 80 skiable km, reaching a maximum elevation of 2,630 m and a minimum of 1,500 m. In total the track consists of 72 tracks.

2.What can you do in Cerler when the ski season ends?

Being one of the most sporty ski resorts in Spain, it is also out of the ski season, during the months of May to September, the Benasque Valley offers plans such as Rafting, Canoeing, Paragliding, BTT, you can climb , or go hiking through the different green routes that Cerler and the Benasque Valley have.

3.How to get to the Cerler station?

If you come from Madrid or Barcelona, ​​you must take the route to Huesca, once there you must continue towards Barbastro on the A-22, before reaching Barbastro you will see the signs for 'Cerler' and 'Valle de Benasque' '.

4. Can you park with motorhomes at the Cerler station?

If you can park with a motorhome at the Cerler station, you can't camp anymore. In other words, the Benasque town hall has established two car parks for motorhomes: Lower Cerler Parking and Ampriu Parking. You can spend the night inside the motorhome, but you cannot take out chairs, tables, awnings, campfires, etc.

5. What is the Cerler Snowpark?

In 2011, the Cerler resort inaugurated its snowpark, an area within the ski resort, where skiers and snowboarders can have fun in a space made up of modules made of snow, metal or wood, inspired by American skateparks.

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