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10 planes de Après-Ski para hacer en la estación de Sierra Nevada.


10 Après-Ski plans to do in the Sierra Nevada resort.

If there was a list of essential things that a ski resort should have, there is no doubt that the resort of Sierra Nevada in Granada fully meets them. Just imagine being able to enjoy the snow a few kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea, and also on one of the highest peaks in Western Europe: Pico Mulhacen 3.479 meters high. Giving those who visit a complete experience in one of the places declared Biosphere Reserve and National Park.

The Sierra Nevada ski and mountain resort is located within the Sierra Nevada Natural Park, in the province of Granada, Andalusia. It is considered one of the best ski resorts in Europe, due to its location, due to its ski seasons with very good temperatures, where snow lovers can enjoy 250 days of sunshine, a good amount of snow to be able to give it their all. on and off the slopes, and a wide variety of Aprés - Ski offers. Even, without forgetting to mention, that it has one of the flagship places in southern Spain, which is considered a World Heritage Site, The Alhambra, just 40 km from the station.

In addition to this, the Sierra Nevada ski resort has 110 skiable kilometers and 131 slopes and has the highest unevenness in all of Spain: 1.200 meters. Reach a maximum level of 3.300 meters high and a minimum of 1.200m Without a doubt, it definitely becomes an essential destination if you want to spend a good season. Now, when you have already enjoyed your ski routine all day, we also have a lot to do. The resort is famous for the different après-ski plans that help to break the routine a bit.

1. Snow Tubing at 2.100m

Snow tubing, mujer deslizándose en la nieve sobre un neumatico

    That is to say: slide on tires along a track, in the sector of Borreguiles. If in summer the inflatables attract our attention for rafting, in winter you will live almost the same experience, unlike instead of the rapids of the rivers, it will be the speed of the slope that you acquire as you slide. Here the snow tubbing as this practice has been called, is ideal for all those who want to continue enjoying the snow without leaving it, or for those who travel with children, normally they are the ones who enjoy the most this activity, and the parents too, since it is calm, safe and a lot of fun. At the station you can find this service both in Borreguiles and in Pradollano. The activity is suitable from 5 years old, and lasts 30 minutes.

    2. Enjoy the snow from a Russian sled.

    Trineo ruso, Sierra Nevada, Granada

      You can enjoy a roller coaster, but with two small differences. The first is that you control the speed of the sled, which only has two seats, and the second, that you'll almost be flying over the snow. The route is 250 meters uphill and 550 meters downhill, although you can control the speed, but the maximum that is reached is 40 km per hour. It turns out to be a very entertaining plan that you can enjoy at the Mirlo Blanco amusement park in the Pradollano sector.

      3. Hiking with snowshoes

      Raquetismo, senderimos con raquetas de nieve sierra nevada

        To continue enjoying the snow you don't necessarily have to be on skis all the time. As the Sierra Nevada is a nature reserve, in winter it is worth admiring the nature that surrounds it, for this reason several hiking plans are just around the corner. The plan consists of renting a pair of snowshoes and putting them on, and walking, you will be able to take tours spotting endemic species of the reserve, the advantage is that no prior knowledge is required and you have complete freedom to walk through different trails that the park has prepared. The most daring or veterans choose to do routes such as climbing one of the highest peaks in Spain, such as La Veleta around 3.400 meters high.

        4. Pradollano Blackbird

          In the Pradollano sector, we thought of designing an ideal space for the enjoyment of all family members, it is a recreational park with different activities and attractions such as the Russian sleigh, or the ice skiing area. In addition to this, this park has restaurants such as La Cabaña where you can enjoy good views and have a hot drink, perfect for snack time.

          5. If you are looking for the best view

          Vista de Granada desde La Veleta

          If once you have finished your day and want to take a postcard of the spectacular landscape of the Sierra Nevada in ski season. Just imagine seeing it from the top and that the city of Granada is illuminated in the background. There is the possibility of going up to the Veleta peak at night through a snow-plowing machine where they leave you at a point where you can enjoy the views and a drink or two.

          6. Visit the Alhambra

          La Alhambra, Granada, Patio de Los Leones, Sierra Nevada

          You cannot leave the Sierra Nevada without visiting The Alhambra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Just 40 minutes by car from the Sierra you will arrive at the Alhambra, this monumental city that represents the legacy that the Muslims left in Spanish territory during the 13th and 14th centuries. In addition, the kings of the Nasrid dynasty lived in this place, every corner that you visit in this place will teleport you to that time.

          By the way, the name given to the Alhambra is due to its meaning in Arabic: "The Red", which refers to the color of the earth with which the fortress was built. While there you can visit the Nasrid palaces; one of its best-kept treasures where you can enjoy an impressive architectural richness such as the Patio de Los Leones, a space surrounded by 124 columns and in the center stands out a fountain guarded by 12 lions, representing the 12 signs of the zodiac.

          The Alcazaba, perhaps one of the most representative parts of the Alhambra, is a fortified military enclosure dating from the 13th century and has the Torre de Vela, from where you can observe the Sierra station. And finally, another of our essentials are the Gardens of the Generalife, which was considered the small summer palace of the sultans of Granada, with an unforgettable landscaping, which will allow you to walk around the gardens and relax. with the sound of water, and see how all the architecture is in complete harmony.

          7.Luxury lodging in a resort like the Lodge

          Hotel Lodge & Ski resort Sierra Nevada, Granada, Apres ski

          IF you are looking for an experience with some luxury and 24/7 attention, you cannot miss The Lodge & Ski Resort, a luxurious resort located in the Sierra Nevada station. In 2013 this resort was destroyed by a fire and rebuilt in 2015, also one of its attractions is the material with which it was built, Finnish wood. The hotel consists of a personalized service where there are only 8 rooms, each one accompanied by a Jacuzzi and huge windows that allow you to have a view of the entire sierra and its immensity. Enjoying breakfast, in a warm space with a blanket to relax after a day of adventure in the snow, never sounded so good!

          8. Arab Baths in the Hamman Al Ándalus

          Baños Arabes en el Hamman Al Andalus, Sierra Nevada Apres ski

          This spa is already part of the history of Granada, it will transport you to the 14th century. Different bath rooms that are made up of an acclimatized pool, one very hot and the other a little colder, with spectacular decoration, as if you were in a luxury Arab Hamman, and complete silence leaves you only to let go of your body and relax completely.

          9.Lanjaron spa.

          Imagine being able to relax in a space made up of 6 springs of medicinal mineral waters, which provide enormous benefits for your health and well-being. In them you can find two types of water: One with high levels of minerals such as magnesium, sodium, and calcine water or, failing that, with very low levels of minerals that are already used for consumption and that have digestive benefits.

          The place not only offers the possibility for you to immerse yourself in the water and allow you to relax, but also, there are swimming pools that offer thermotherapy, bubble bath, dynamic jets, in short, any variety to which you can have access. In addition, if you wish, the spa is part of the hotel that offers you a 4-star accommodation with the best Mediterranean food

          10.The best offer for leisure and fun

          Fiesta apres ski Sierra Nevada, Granada

          In the Pradollano sector is where you can find the best offer from having a drink at El Lodge, with a campfire in the middle and surrounded by your friends you can enjoy incredible views and a very chill atmosphere. If you want something a little more fun you can't miss Soho bar where you can enjoy good music, drinks and party until late. Like Soho, there is also Pub Jaleo, which during the day is fine to have a coffee and maybe enjoy a snack, but if you stay a little longer you can see how the DJ is being installed and electro house type music begins to dominate the space.

          Frequently Asked Questions

          1. What is the length of the marked slopes that the Sierra Nevada ski resort has?

          The Sierra Nevada ski resort has 110 kilometers of marked slopes and 131 ski slopes: 19 green, 45 blue, 53 red, 7 black and 7 in snow parks. And it has the El Aguila Track, which is the longest on the road: 6253 km.

          2. What are the highest peaks in the Sierra Nevada?

          The Mulhacén with 3500 meters high, followed by La Veleta with 3400 meters, La Alcazaba from where the Genil River is born and is 3365 meters high, and finally the Puntal de la Cornisa with 3000 meters high.

          3. What kind of activities can be done in the summer in Sierra Nevada?

          As a national park, the Sierra Nevada is a place that offers countless activities at any time of the year. In spring and summer, you can enjoy the mountains and the sea if you visit this nature reserve. For example, activities such as hiking on the Ruta Veleta, Laguna de las Yeguas, Virgen de las Nieves, Las Chorreras.You can also go rafting on the Genil and Guadalfeo rivers. Also the option of paragliding over the peaks of the mountains.

          4. At what points can you ski off-piste in Sierra Nevada?

          If you already have a professional level of skiing, the Sierra Nevada resort offers you several points from which you can be the first to mark the snow and you must access it with mountain skis: Mulhacén point, Cerro de Los Machos, Veleta, the Carthusian, and the Alcazaba. You can also ski off-piste around the resort.

          5. How to get to Sierra Nevada?

          If you come from Granada and you travel by car, you must take the A-395 and right at kilometer 31 you will find the ski resort that is 31 km from the city. If you opt for the train, you should look for a ticket to Granada, Malaga or Seville, as in the case of traveling by plane, these would be the functional airports so that you can then get to the station, which you can do by taking a taxi. only in the case that you arrive directly to Granada, or otherwise by bus from these cities.

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