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10 cosas que no sabias de Aymar Navarro


Why didn't you know these 11 things about the famous Aymar Navarro!

Aymar Navarro is known in Spain as the pioneer of national freeride who also seeks to live in “an eternal winter”. The skier (and firefighter) from Val d'Aran, was the first Spaniard to enter the Freeride World Tour, where the best freeriders in the world compete.

In addition, his “South Lines” project is famous all over the world and has given him great visibility in the world of off-piste skiing. His mother defines him as "a restless ass", and his friends believe that he is passionate about extreme things. At just 31 years old, he has become one of the world's freeride icons.

Do you want to know more about this off-piste ski star born in the mountains of our beloved Catalan Pyrenees? Here we tell you!


1. Aymar Navarro started skiing at the age of 3 in Baqueira Beret. But it was not there that he first went down an alpine ski slope. It was when he was only 2 years old when his father came to him for clues in a backpack and he became the "happiest kid in the world", as he recounts. What the Catalan did not know at that time is that those two long boards would become another extension of his body years later.

2.First he started with alpine skiing! It was during 15 years that he did not start freeriding, the modality for which he is known today, when he worked his skin, sweat and tears training to go down as fast as possible, participating in numerous chains. He won competitions and also suffered some very ugly falls. For this reason, at the age of 17, lacking in motivation to continue, there came a time when he decided to put down his skis and give up alpine skiing.

3.But does Aymar Navarro only practice skiing? Well, it's not like that! As a child, he competed on a trial motorcycle. When he was little and didn't know how to sit still, he signed up for any sport he got the chance. What's more, in mototrial he got some trophies that he still has at home.

4. He wanted to try his luck on a single board... That's right! For a year he tried to switch from downhill skiing to snowboarding. What this passionate about sports, snow and mountains dedicated himself to was skiing in the mornings, and after eating, he did three more hours of snowboarding class. However, it seems that he quickly realized that his mode was on top of the two tables, rather than one…

5. Who were the great promoters that led Aymar Navarro to enter the world of freeride? It was thanks to Suso Folgar and Alex Martinez that he was inspired to start descending the mountains backcountry. At first, Aymar Navarro did not understand why people liked virgin snow so much. As a downhill skier he was looking for hard snow or even ice, so he could go as fast as possible. But it was these two people who introduced him to the world of powder and that's how Aymar quickly found a new motivation to continue in the world of skiing. According to the Catalan “The moment they put some freeride skis on me, everything made sense, I understand that passion in a second”.

11 cosas que no sabías de Aymar Navarro

6. He is a very recognized person within the Aranese powder. And it is that the Aran Valley is a great authentic factory of great freeride riders, since the particularity of its mountains and its unbeatable ecological conditions help to do so. He is known in the freeride world and exemplifies, along with his colleagues in the freeride world, the great passion that exists in this place for freeriding and the training and hard discipline they need to continue within the world of this off-piste sport.

7. Wake up with the right foot? That never! Every human being has his hobbies, and Aymar Navarro was not going to be less. The custom that this athlete and freeride lover has is to always put on the left boot first. And the same goes for skis. The reason? He doesn't even know it himself, but he considers that he hasn't done badly, so. Keep doing it every day!

8. An avalanche gave him the biggest scare of his life while filming an advertising spot. The mountain, like any natural phenomenon, does not understand filming or skiing, and for this reason, that same day Aymar and his team had a great scare. Luckily, it stayed on that. While filming an advertising spot, an avalanche engulfed him and fortunately they rescued him quickly and nothing happened to him. “It was an experience from which we all learned and we will do everything possible so that it does not happen again”, confesses the freerider.

9."Living in a constant winter." This is the goal of Aymar Navarro every year of his life. While you are at the beach during the summer, Aymar travels to South America in search of snow. The Catalan wants to make the most of the two months he usually spends in the Andes, pushing his skiing to the limit and recording, as always, impressive shots of his lines that leave us all speechless.

10.Aymar Navarro was the first Spaniard to participate in a Freeride World Tour event! In Andorran lands, it was in the historic double stop of the FWT, where neither short nor lazy, Aymar Navarro slipped into the top 10 classified of the test, which surprised everyone and this gave him the pass to continue continuing in this competition for several years.

11. Bumpy Films has made a documentary of his life called “Drop in a life”. Yes, that's right, the freerider has an Aranese production company that has competed for a long time during Aymar and the rest of the riders who decide to make a documentary about their sporting life in the last years of freeriding in this iconic valley of the Pyrenees. Without a doubt, the Catalan Aymar Navarro is a great example of what success means in the world of freeride. But all this does not come alone, it has been long years of preparation and training that have led the athlete to be among the best in the world.

11 cosas que no sabías de Aymar Navarro

Likewise, his disposition and discipline within the world of off-piste skiing must be added to the great passion that Aymar Navarro feels for nature and especially the mountain, which is already his home and where he has spent most of his life. The love and dedication that this freerider feels for the sport has made him achieve everything he has set out to do, and most importantly, live so many experiences that it is difficult for him to list the most important ones for him.

Without a doubt, Aymar Navarro is a #FreeRiderAtHearth and we never get tired of seeing him descend the mountains with that passion, delicacy and professionalism. And you, did you know all these things about Aymar Navarro? We invite you to investigate him and discover this jewel of the Spanish free rider hidden in the Aran Valley!