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¡Estos son los mejores videos de Aymar Navarro!


These are the best videos of Aymar Navarro!

Aymar Navarro is one of the most important freeriders in the world and the best freerider we have in Spain. paña as the pioneer of national freeride who also seeks to live in "an eternal winter". The skier (and firefighter) from Val d'Aran, was the first Spaniard to enter the Freeride World Tour, where the best freeriders in the world compete. This Catalan who started skiing when he was only three years old is known as a great fan of extreme things.

At just 31 years old, he has become one of the world's freeride icons. But all this does not come alone, it has been long years of preparation and training that have led the athlete to be among the best in the world. Likewise, his disposition and discipline within the world of off-piste skiing must be added to the great passion that Aymar Navarro feels for nature and especially the mountain, which is now his home and where he has spent most of his time. his life.

All this passion has led to the fact that audiovisually he has left us some images with which those of us who are most passionate about freeriding love to enjoy and at the same time, even feel afraid of all the things he does in the mountains and out of track. Do you want to see the most impressive videos of Aymar Navarro? Here we tell you, keep reading!


The first is the adventure of Aymar Navarro and Txema Trull through the Andes on their annual trip to the southern winter of South America for the third edition of their South Lines project. An epic adventure full of heart-stopping lines where they share experiences with local Chilean and Argentine skiers as well as internationally renowned riders such as Leo Slemett and Marion Haerty. Without a doubt, a complete film where the sensation of freeride, skiing, lines, passage, shots and editing... They are amazing!

Next, we must talk about the documentary “Drop in Life”. It is an entire Documentary of the progression of Aymar Navarro from 2010 to 2015 in the world of freeride in Spain.

He stands out as the first Spaniard to compete on the world circuit of this type of skiing and, furthermore, he is a great protagonist who is also known for having been engulfed by an avalanche.

Undoubtedly, a mixture of sensations and emotions in just 53 minutes that we advise you to see if you are true freeride lovers!

Go Pro knows that by the hand of Aymar Navarro he has the shots of his life assured of him! Here we can see the great champion of freeders performing some incredible lines in the Cerro de Torrecillas that leave us speechless.

Have you seen what landscapes, what do you take? Without a doubt, it is a continuous extreme emotion!

Baqueira Beret is one of the favorite ski slopes of our freerider Aymar Navarro.

For this reason, it is this short interview where the ski resort asks its absolute protagonist of off-piste skiing a few questions that makes us get closer to him and learn a little more about this alien from skiing and freeride.

Did you know that Aymar Navarro is in search of “constant winter”? That's how it is. During the summer, when you are at the beach, this freerider travels to South America in search of virgin snow and spectacular landscapes where he can do all kinds of crazy descents.

Look at what images he leaves us about this line madness in South America, specifically in Argentina!

But what's more! The level is very extreme, but the precision, control and professionalism of Aymar Navarro makes us see that he knows exactly what he is doing and that he is more than prepared for it.

Have you seen this line in Cerro Negro? A real madness!

And now let's bring out the closest side of Aymar Navarro a little more. That's right, the Spanish freerider was interviewed by the great David Broncano in Resistencia, talking about how he jumps into ravines and all the crazy things he does in the mountains. Do not miss it!

And how can we leave out the video with which the third position was crowned in FWT21!! The skier from Les achieves a historic podium in the Grand Final of the Freeride World Championship Take a look at the video of his descent:

These are the best YouTube videos we can find about the best freerider in Spain Aymar Navarro!

Despite this, if we really want to see the professional off-piste skier we must visit the Aran Valley, where he was born and where he practices his favorite modality every winter.

Did you know Aymar Navarro before and his modalities in off-piste skiing?