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10 planes de Après-ski que puedes hacer en Baqueira-Beret


10 après ski plans that you can do in Baqueira-Beret

For ski lovers, the Baqueira Beret resort is perhaps one of the favorite resorts in southern Europe, and even the most frequented by them. It is estimated that it receives in high season, on average, 60.000 skiers per hour. And it is not for less, this station, which is located in the area of ​​the Catalan Pyrenees, precisely in the Valle de Arán, province of Lleida; It has a completely amazing landscape, characterized by peaks that exceed 3,000 meters in height and typical constructions of an alpine landscape.

Additionally, much of its attraction is the thickness of the snow where in winter season it exceeds 75cm very quickly and even reaches 2.5 meters. But not everything is skiing in this station, during the summer season it also becomes a desired destination for lovers of hiking and mountain biking, who decide to spend the season there to enjoy the views that the place has to offer.

Something that also makes this station famous is its varied offer in plans for après-ski that it has for its visitors, who when planning their visit also seek to see that alternative side of the station where they you can enjoy the snow without having to be on skis all day. You can enjoy from a visit to the surrounding villages, thermal baths, first class restaurants, romantic art and adventure sports.

1. Do ‘mushing’, that is, ride on sleds pulled by dogs!

Perros tirando de un trineo en Baqueira-Beret

    As if it had been taken from a fantasy tale and we lived in the same Alaska. In the Aran Valley you can live the first-class experience of being a true polar explorer, booking a sleigh ride pulled by a group of dogs or horses, it turns out to be one of the quietest plans, entering, in the middle of a forest, in silence and surrounded by virgin snow.

    It is a plan designed for families and groups of friends who decide to have a unique experience, in addition, that many of these plans are accompanied by a complete experience, where the visitor can enjoy stories of the place, typical dinner and lodging.

    Those who opt for this option will be able to visit the abandoned town of Montgarri: a town that had to be evacuated by its inhabitants due to the strong weather conditions in the area.Montgarri preserves the ruins and a church from the year 1117, you can also enjoy typical Aran food during the tour, such as the typical Aran pot, duck magret, beef steak, and so while you enjoy dinner, the 12 dogs who pull the sled, rest.

    2.For nature lovers, the Aran Valley has a lot to offer.

    Dos ciervos en la nieve en el Arán Park, en Baqueira-Beret

      If there is one thing that the Pyrenees have, it is its wealth of fauna and flora typical of this ecosystem. That is why if you are looking for an experience that allows you to fully connect with the nature of the region you can visit "Aran Park", located on the road to the port of Portilhon, a 2-hour tour where you may come across bears, otters, ibex, deer, and more along the way. It is a tour suitable for the whole family, in addition to having areas for picnics or spending a pleasant time surrounded by the most immense nature in the region.

      3. Relax in the facilities of the Banhs de Tredòs Spa Hotel.

      Balneario Banhs de Tredòs

        An exclusive hotel in the middle of the Pyrenees. You can have a weekend of adventure while skiing and in the afternoons you can relax in the facilities of this hotel which has only 9 rooms, and you know what is the best part, that each one has thermal water.

        The place is designed so that the first thing you see when you wake up is the snowy mountain at your disposal. In addition, the hotel's location is at the entrance to the Aigüestortes National Park where you can go hiking and discover around 30 lakes that make up the area. Additionally, if you visit the hotel in winter, the only way to access it is through snowmobiles that you will drive yourself, adding more adventure to the experience.

        4. Snowshoes to continue enjoying the snow

          If you want to continue enjoying the snow, but in a slightly quieter way, you can choose to rent snowshoes and take one of the guided tours of the Aran Valley. Normally they are always routes that do not imply a higher level of demand since what is sought is to enjoy the landscape in a pleasant and different way.

          5. A paradise for freeride, thanks to Heliskiing.

          Heliboarding Val d'aran

            The Baqueira Beret resort knows no limits, which is why for some years now the Helicopter ride has been used, which picks up skiers from one base to drop them off at another, a little further high where they will be able to have the scoop of descending from points that have not been explored and the snow is still virgin.

            You will appreciate from the first moment, a view of the Pyrenees that only you can enjoy, as well as a helicopter ride that already adds an additional touch of adventure to this whole experience. Then, the helicopter will leave you at points where the snow has not been treated and together with the instruction of the experts who will accompany you from start to finish, you will be able to ski off-piste.

            If you would like to experience this adventure, we recommend that you do it with our friends at Heliboarding Val d'aran, who are the best at offering this type of experience in the Pyrenees Catalan. Additionally, if you want to know more about how and what this type of activity consists of, we invite you to read our article: 'A day of Heliriding in the Aran Valley' where Javi Barro, founder of this agency and professional snowboarder, tells us everything.

            6. Pot Pintxo Tuesday.

              If after skiing you are one of those who prefers a bit of leisure and nightlife with your friends, Tuesdays have been declared in Vielha as the day of the Pintxo Pote, a tradition that, as you already know, originates from the Basque Country. In the town of Vielha, a tapas route (Pintxos) has been established by the hand of the best chefs in the area, where you can visit various bars with an incredible culinary richness, very original in the area, accompanied by one or another drink .

              7. Moët Winter Lounge.

              Moet Winter Lounge

                The favorite and most chic place for skiers and where a large part of the lifestyle photos of Baqueira that we see on Instagram and other social networks come from, since in recent years it has become the Rest and leisure site for influencers and celebrities. The place has a very cool terrace, which when it's sunny allows you to enjoy live music by the best national and international DJs. In addition to the party, it offers a very good gastronomic offer from a delicious 'tuna tataki', hake croquettes, marinated salmon and frozen truffles for dessert.

                8. Try a variety of beers at the Refu.

                  Refu, is a craft beer factory located in Bossòt, noticing the success of the place, they decided to open a brewery in the Baqueira Beret station and in the town of Vielha where people can go and try 12 types of different beers, and tapas that are simply incredible! During the winter it is an ideal place to spend the afternoon with friends after skiing, drink some straws and accompany it with good food.

                  9. Dine in a castle in the middle of the Aran Valley and Pallars.

                    'El Cap del Port', a building with an architecture very similar to that of a castle, located in an entire valley, with spectacular views of the Pyrenees. This restaurant is only open during the winter where you can taste typical dishes such as fried eggs with chorizo ​​and ham.

                    10. Visit Arties, one of the most beautiful villages

                      Iglesia Santa María, Pueblo Arties

                      In Basque the word 'Arties' translates 'Plain between two waters'. Reason for which, this town is located between two rivers.Arties dates from the time of the Roman Empire, and still retains some of the architecture of the time being one of its main attractions. The Church of Santa María, characteristic for its romantic style, has an art collection from the 12th to the 18th century inside. Visiting the town of Arties turns out to be a highly desired activity for thousands of skiers who are looking for a cultural escape, because in addition to the church they can visit the Arties castle and the Arties hot springs.

                      Frequently Asked Questions

                      1. Where is the Baqueira – Beret ski resort located?

                      The Baqueira Beret station is located in the province of Lérida, between Valle de Arán and Pallars Sobirá. Its one of the resorts with the largest number of skiable kilometers in Spain.

                      2. How many tracks does the Baqueira – Beret station have?

                        The Baqueira Beret resort has 115 slopes and 167 skiable kilometers, where the slopes reach a maximum height of 2,610 meters, and a minimum of 1,504 meters. In addition, it is divided into 3 areas that are connected by ski lifts: Baqueira, Beret and Bonaigua.

                        3. How many ski schools are there in Baqueira – Beret?

                          There are 45 ski schools located in the resort, which you can find: Era Escòla, Araneau, Mombisurf, Calafate Ski Center, Ski Class, Cota 1700, among others. In this link you can have more information. Additionally, of the 115 tracks, 51 are suitable for those who are making their debut in the world of skiing. The station has 6 green slopes, and 42 blue ones that are suitable for beginners.

                          4. What can you do with children at the Baqueira-Beret station?

                          If you travel with children to the Catalan Pyrenees, you can find several plans at the Baqueira station that you can choose from, from visiting the Arán park, taking a walk through Vielha or Arties, taking a sleigh tour pulled by horses or dogs. And if you go in summer, you can visit the Saut deth Pish waterfalls.

                          5. How to get to the Baqueira Beret station?

                          It can be reached by air or land. By plane it is necessary to connect with the airports of Barcelona (Spain) or Toulouse (France). And if you opt for the car or the bus, take the route to Lleida until you reach the town of Vielha.

                          6. What are the best restaurants in Baqueira Beret?

                          You can count on a great gastronomic offer in the Baqueira Beret station, among those the best restaurants that we recommend are: Wellbourne (Salardú), La Casuca (Arties) where their specialty is black sausage in truffle cheese sauce , Casa Turnay (Escuñau) where you can try the typical Olla Aranesa, La Borda Lobato (Baqueira) and its star dish the cannelloni with duck confit and foie béchamel.

                          Andrea Vélez Redactora