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If you are an adrenaline lover and like to try new experiences, you cannot miss this article on motocross. Here we are going to show you everything you did not know about this extreme sport and all the material you need to practice it. Dare with us!

In case you may have heard of it but you don't know exactly its history or what it consists of, motocross is an off-road motorcycle race that takes place on a closed circuit and whose most important characteristic is going to be the precision of the pilots when it comes to dodging potholes as quickly as possible. This modality began to become popular in the United Kingdom during the 30s and its name comes from Cross Country, a race that was done on horseback. Thus, the first teams Birmingham Small Arms, Norton and Matchless began to form.

motocross gafas de motocross uller tienda online


Although as we have seen, it is a British sport, in Spain it has been growing in recent decades, giving rise to motorcycle professionals as important as the ones we are going to present below.


This rider has been riding motocross tracks for almost as long as he can remember. He started at the age of six, which is the minimum age required to practice motocross, and won his first race at the age of seven. Such was Jorge Prado's love for motocross that he and his family moved to Belgium for competition reasons.

For him, 2020 was a great year because he made his debut in the Motocross World Championship and achieved victory in two events at the MXGP Spanish Grand Prix managing to become the first Spanish rider to get a double in the same Grand Prix

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Larrañaga also began to practice this sport at an early age after seeing a race in which children like him rode motorcycles. He wanted to try the experience and he liked it. Years later he signed his first contract with the prestigious KMT team and in 2015 he had already managed to be European champion.

Larrañaga assures that his favorite terrains are the hard ones and with a lot of jumps, the Italian and French ones. This pilot fights to become Spanish champion again and be among the top 10.

iker larrañaga uller motocross


Brutón is well known in the world of motocross for being one of the most awarded riders. In his record he has thirteen Spanish championships, a runner-up and a third place in world championships in different categories. At just 16 years old he was already among the best in the world and became Internazionali d'Italia Motocross champion.

This athlete's perseverance and patience in overcoming all the tests that have appeared along the way are admirable. The result of this has been to achieve a record that is less than enviable. In addition, he is considered one of the riders with the greatest international future in the world of motocross.

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he comes from a family of motorcyclists so his passion for steering a wheel is in his blood. In addition, his brothers also competed in motocross, but Rubén soon reached his level in the Galician motocross and supercross championships. On the other hand, he was proclaimed Spanish motocross champion .

ruben fernandez motocross uller


We finish with Carlos Campano, last but not least, since to date he is the only Spaniard to be world champion in the MX3 motocross category.

he Some time ago managed to add to his record the Elite-MX1 title, which is a great award in the world of motocross.However, before achieving all these achievements, in 2007 he suffered a knee injury.

campano uller motocross


Over the years, motocross has evolved and developed, giving rise to new modalities such as supercross, freestyle, speedway, enduro and trial. Let's talk a little about them!


It is usually carried out in temporary circuits or soccer stadiums. The circuits are smaller than in other modalities and the main thing to keep in mind is finishing the circuit as quickly as possible.

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It is the most dangerous and at the same time the most amazing of all modalities due to the jumps and tricks performed by the pilots in the air. In fact, in motocross it is forbidden to do double or triple jumps in competitions due to the degree of danger that this entails.

freestyle motocross uller


The speedway modality takes place on a short and flat circuit in which the sand could be dirt, granite, sand, clay and sometimes grass.

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The enduro takes place on a natural terrain where the pilot has to cover routes of all kinds in rally mode. On this type of terrain, the amount of gravel and other elements that can jump towards the face makes it, especially the eyes, very vulnerable, and it is mainly for this reason that at the time we decided to launch the line of glasses of Uller's motocross.

enduro motocross uller


The pilots will have to go through obstacles without touching the ground or falling down. The movement on the bike is going to be key so that we don't lose our balance.

motocross gafas de motocross uller tienda online


Of course, the need to have a motorbike to enjoy this sport is evident. There are different types of motorcycles to do this sport, although, your skill will always be essential above the technology of the motorcycle!

Here are some of the best motocross bikes:

- Honda CRF450R: It is a Japanese motorcycle with great power, as well as being easy to handle.

- KTM 150 SX: KTMs are the fastest on the track. It is very fun and easy to handle.

- Yamaha YZ125: if you are thinking of starting this experience, this bike is one of the best options. However, for many professionals it is also an option to enjoy motocross.

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The helmet will be a fundamental element for an extreme sport like this. The head must be protected at all times so that tricks can be performed more safely and falls are not harmful. It should be between tight and loose, a middle point so that it protects, but does not suffocate. Also, some of them are designed for summer with a ventilation system so you don't get hot.

motocross gafas de motocross uller tienda online

Not only the head must be protected, it is also important to cover the rest of the body to prevent us from the various falls that can happen to us. For this there is the special motocross suit, technical clothing and a series of protections. The suit is necessary since the pilots assume great speed and this can cause fatal accidents. With technical clothing we are referring to thermal clothing that is placed under the suit that prevents us from getting cold and prevents the protections from slipping. The latter are normally placed on the extremities, knee pads and elbow pads. There is also the neckbrace that is placed on the neck and prevents vertical whiplash or gloves.

motocross gafas de motocross uller tienda online


Goggles will be key to our motocross races. In this case, they will not only serve as sunscreen,, but the most important function that goggles do in motocross is to protect us from any element that could jump at us. cara when we reach high speed with the bike. From mud, stones, branches to protecting ourselves when we fall from the motorcycle from any of these elements getting into our eyes.

motocross gafas de motocross uller tienda online

From ULLER we offer you a collection of motocross goggles that combine protection, comfort and aesthetics. Our motocross goggles have a series of features that make us compete with the best brands in this sector. At ULLER we care about your safety and the material with which the glasses are made is very high level with a very good quality-price ratio. In addition, the anti-slip feature that they have makes the goggles adapt perfectly to the helmet. What this system allows is for the glasses to remain completely fixed to the face, avoiding the different vibrations or obstacles that we are going to find on the circuit.

motocross gafas de motocross uller tienda online

motocross gafas de motocross uller tienda online

Other features that you will find in ULLER's motocross goggles are a ventilation system and an anti-fog system. Ventilation is clearly necessary since the nose is covered to prevent dust from entering, so our mask must have various channels through which we can breathe. Related to this will come the anti-fog system that will prevent the glasses from fogging up when breathing and allow the pilot to have a clear vision of the circuit.

motocross gafas de motocross uller tienda online

motocross gafas de motocross uller tienda online

motocross gafas de motocross uller tienda online

Finally, as regards the aesthetics of the glasses, at ULLER they are unisex with different designs for both him and her. In addition, the color of the frame is made of thermoplastic polyurethane that provides maximum resistance and lightness.

With all this, if you want to try this sport, at ULLER we offer you everything you need to know about it, as well as quality and aesthetics in motocross goggles!

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