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Consejos para iniciarte en el Ciclismo de Enduro MTB


Tips to get started in Enduro MTB Cycling

If you are interested in cycling, and you are already an expert when it comes to cycling , this article is for you.

One of the sports that has gained the most fame in recent times is cycling, and this is probably due in large part to the need for it to be done outdoors. However, what many people do not know is that within this practice there are different modalities, such as Road Cycling, better known for competitions such as the Tour de France or the Giro d'Italia, BMX or Mountain biking or mountain biking. mountain, and that within this there are others such as XC (cross country), Trail or Enduro MBT, about which here we tell you what it is about and we give you some keys to get started in this category and not die trying.

Ciclismo de Enduro

If what you like is adrenaline, then this is your sport. The MBT Enduro Cycling was born in 1976 in California, United States, thanks to a group of friends who had fun competing to see who could go down the mountain faster. Today it is still the same, but in an evolved way; It is no coincidence that it is called that, in fact, it comes from endurance in English, which means resistance, since this sport is based on competitions for cyclists on All Mountain terrain and whose routes they are divided into stages that can last between 2 and 20 minutes; the total competition can range between 10 and 50 km. This modality has the particularity of being based mainly on enjoying the descents, having this point in common with downhill cycling, so it is quite common for many descents to have the same distance as the climbs.

When competing in Enduro you must take into account that they are timed competitions (only the descents) where the route is known several weeks in advance, however, as a competitor you can only and must go to reconnoiter the terrain a week before, since, if you are surprised in some section that you were unaware of, you can be eliminated.

To perform any sport correctly and with maximum safety you need to know some information that will make your experience much more satisfactory, and here we will tell you.

Previous fitness

The first thing you should know is that enduro is not made for everyone, it is more than recommendable to have previous knowledge about handling a mountain bike and to have a good previous physical capacity since a lot of force is used to ascend and It produces a great muscular wear of the upper body in the descents, in addition the resistance is essential to carry out the races.

Keep in mind that enduro routes are quite long and that you will be riding the bike for many hours, it is best to go out on long routes to train and thus increase your aerobic capacity. You can also train in gyms and thus improve your strength, you will need to have a firm upper body and legs to be able to control your bike successfully. Of course, do it with caution!

A Mountain bike, but especially for enduro!
Suspensión de recorrido 180mm - Enduro

The geometry of the enduro MTB cycling bikes is much more aggressive than the rest. It is based on being much longer to better grip the ground and to achieve sufficient stability, especially when going downhill at speeds that are too high. The main purpose is that the jumps are tackled in the best possible way. In addition, regarding this bicycle, you should know that it has a greater margin of error and that the use of the telescopic seat post, popularly known as the preppy seat post, is essential to redistribute the weight of the body on the fly and to be able to regulate the height of the saddle as appropriate in ascents and descents.

Finally, you should know that the pedal that is normally used in this modality is the usual platform one, since it allows you to quickly remove your foot and support it on the ground in compromised situations.

Pedal Bicicleta Enduro

To get your enduro bike, it is best to go to specialized stores where the attention is specific and they know exactly what you are looking for. If this is your first time, it is best to let yourself be advised and not just get carried away by the cheap prices that you can find in large stores.

The MBT helmet, the key to everything

While it might not be as exciting as buying your first enduro bike, it's important that you also know how to choose the right enduro helmet. Keep in mind that protecting your head should be a priority. For this very reason, avoid cheap helmets whose quality is quite reprehensible; for enduro, they are usually more covering and therefore heavier, with less ventilation, and many times they must be integral, in the event that the competition expressly requires it.

Having enduro goggles is also essential, especially ones that cover your eyes well and fit your helmet, since this type of MTB cycling exposes you to mountainous terrain, unevenness and possible falls. From Uller we recommend our sports glasses, The Wall Red/Black . This type of goggles have an anti-slip strap that allows your goggles to always be attached to the helmet.

The Wall Red/Black Uller - Ciclismo de Enduro MTB

About enduro clothing, always remember that you are going to be out doing sports for hours, so it is essential that you feel comfortable at all times. Forget jeans or cotton t-shirts, what you need are clothes that breathe and dry quickly. The best thing is that you know the route before leaving and thus choose better the clothes that you are going to need; It is not the same if you go pedaling in summer than in winter, or on a flat route than on one more full of stones, in this case the thickness of the pants should be different, but always guaranteeing ventilation.

Always try to go out in company

Ciclismo enduro

Be careful when you go pedaling, it is always better to do it accompanied by someone or at least on roads and trails that are also used by other cyclists, it is likely that if you are a novice you could suffer a fall and if you need help , by this type of routes it is more likely that you can get it. Also, dating others more experienced than you will help you improve your technique and copy the best strategies from them.

Follow the path of nature trails

Although it seems obvious, many do not do it and could put themselves in danger. Make sure that you go down the trails made for the descents, and the same for the climbs, so you will avoid any type of scare and you will train better for your championships.

Eat well: before, during and after!

Food and drink are also essential, even if you are very focused on your route, do not forget to stay hydrated, fluid intake is essential for your performance and so that you can achieve your goals without any problem. As for food, you can bring snacks such as energy bars and some fruits to get a little extra energy. Consuming proteins and carbohydrates will make a difference in the way you face the competition.

If you are going on a route, do not contribute to the pollution of the environment, before leaving a place, make sure that you take with you all the waste and garbage that you have generated.

Have fun!

Do not forget that you are practicing a sport and that the most important thing is that you have fun doing it. Don't be extremely competitive and don't pressure others to let you pass or go faster, unless you are in a competition of course!

MBT Enduro Cycling FAQ
How are enduro bikes?

enduro bikes usually have a wide suspension travel, that is, the bars responsible for absorbing the impacts of the front wheels measure between 160mm and 180mm. In addition to having wide wheels with studs, this type of bike has a telescopic seatpost which allows you to adjust the seat in motion, making it easier to pedal up and down.

What is the difference between an Enduro bike and a downhill bike?

enduro bikes are designed to go up and down mountains, even all terrain. While the downhill bikes , are lighter and designed only for long descents.

What is an enduro circuit like?

The enduro circuit contains timed sections: Ascents and descents. The ascents are called links and as in the descents, they must be achieved in the shortest possible time. These timed sections feature difficult terrain conditions and riders only have the opportunity to train on the track once, and that is where they must find which line will allow them to set their best time during the competition. Athletes must be in good physical condition since these tests, unlike downhill, do not last exactly 5 minutes, they usually last 60 minutes, which are spread over throughout a whole day of competition!

What are the most famous Enduro competitions in Spain?
  • Enduro Spanish Open
  • Catalan Enduro Cup
  • Maxiavalanche Cup
  • Spanish Enduro Championship