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Los mejores esquiadores para seguir en Instagram



If you are as passionate about ski content on Instagram as we are, on this occasion we have prepared an article with the best Instagram accounts for lovers of adventure and adrenaline in the snow. We will tell you what each account is about and why you should never miss everything they share; They will always give you some advice to keep in mind, whether it is when you go skiing, visit a resort or, why not, get inspired and have a similar style in your photographs. Are you going to miss it?


If one person defined the word "extreme" it would be him.

Markus Eder is considered the best freerider in the world, and to prove it, he has a video on his Instagram account where you can see him do the impossible on his skis, until he enters a cave with stalactites with snow covering his head. entrance after his passage. crazy! Almost all of his content is recorded from a drone that chases him through the most extreme descents in the world. In his latest documentary titled The Ultimate Run he jumps an abyss of about 60 meters where just seeing it takes your breath away. The shots are just amazing. You will see the behind the scenes and everything that has taken him to earn the title of being one of the best in the world.

Los mejores 6 esquiadores que debes seguir en Instagram Uller


The best freerider in Spain.

The Spaniard has an enviable Instagram account, in which he shows a variety of content. His photos are spectacular, and in them he shares with his followers his greatest feats and incredible descents, recorded by an action camera that makes you think that you are the one in the middle of the action. Can you imagine?

Los 6 mejores esquiadores que debes seguir en Instagram Uller


The account of an adventurous woman.

Being world champion in alpine skiing, this North American skier reaches an average of 37.3,000 followers on his Instagram account, in which he shares his best moments on the cold mountain that has given him his best professional achievements. It also shows her routine as a champion of the Alpine Ski World Cup, how much fun she has at her home in Hawaii, and the quality photos taken by her husband, who is a professional photographer. In addition to skiing, the athlete also practices paddle surfing and, when the weather conditions allow it, she gets on her board and posts it. She is passionate about sports and good nutrition, and social networks are her showcase to show it as well as she does. Following Resi means constantly receiving tips on eating, nutrition and a bit of sports coaching. It serves as a lot of inspiration, especially if you are a girl who admires the strength of many female athletes, since despite the fact that Stiegler has had countless injuries skiing, that has not stopped her from continuing her sporting impetus and giving her material of adventure and resistance to his followers.

Los seis mejores esquiadores que debes seguir en Instagram


A very cool German.

The alpine skier, of German origin and with around 12 victories in world cups, has one of the most envied athlete Instagrams by all. Really! In his account you can find content from his family life to collaborations with other athletes. In fact, it shows that Félix rubs shoulders with the big ones. An example of this is that he is a close friend of Neuer, the German soccer player, with whom he shares tips for the use of sports cameras, exercises that you can do at home and the occasional video of his adventures in the snow. In addition to his great influence on networks, the athlete has also written a book entitled Unsere Alpen, in which he recounts all the natural and special riches that the Alps have, a place that has given him their greatest victories and challenges as well. Without a doubt, the place where he was born. What's more, did you know that her mother is Rose Mittermaier? In case you don't know her, she was also a skier and gave medals to Germany in the 80s.

Los 6 mejores esquiadores que debes seguir en Instagram Uller


A motivator for the world of sports.

With a cumulus of 32 victories in world cups, this skier has become a true influencer in the world of sports since he began to share his knowledge in photography and travel the world. As his account bio says, he used to travel the world in spandex to get faster, but now he wants to know how to stay fast without it. Also, if you are a lover of snow sports, you will remember that in 1963 Porche made a viral photo of the skier at the time Egon Zimmerman jumping on a 356B. This photograph became iconic, and reviewing Aksel's account we have found that Porche has decided to revive that photograph but now with a Taycan, and of course with the athlete doing one of his best jumps on his skis. His Instagram profile is full of his travels around the world, and it is the showcase where the Norwegian is now dedicated to promoting sport as a healthy lifestyle through documentaries that recount his journey, and how sport and its stages are transformed into the life itself. If you are looking for stories of improvement and motivation, do not miss his Instagram profile. It's phenomenal!

Los mejores 6 esquiadores que debes seguir en Instagram


One of the best representations of women's sports.

A photo of Wolverine and Lindsey at the Deer Valley Resort in Utah is much more than what an adventure lover would like to see: both skiing, the former giving him a class or two with techniques to one of the best actors in Hollywood. This makes us think that maybe he was the one who asked Lindsay for the selfie and not vice versa… who knows! This alpine athlete has accumulated 82 world cups and an Olympic medal. Share on your Instagram, from your best moments on the ski slopes, to your vacations around the world. Reach 2 in your account.1 million followers, being one of the most representative figures of North American sports. To tell the truth, part of this woman's fame, in addition to her talent, was linked to the fact that she is the ex-partner of Tiger Woods, also an athlete. After their separation, she was linked to a scandal boom. But leaving that curiosity aside, the Olympic champion is considered the best skier in the United States: only she knows how to get the most out of the most impressive descents on the American continent.

Los 6 mejores esquiadores que debes seguir en Instagram

Los 6 mejores esquiadores que debes de seguir en Instagram