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máscaras de esqui fotocromáticas


Photochromic ski goggles. Essential on your snowy days!

The ski goggles with photochromic lenses DO have advantages. Ski goggles or ski masks appear in almost all material catalogs as a complement, and very rarely, as a safety accessory. However, protecting the eyes from the sun's rays goes far beyond fashion or trend. And that at Uller is clear to us. The quality of our products must always be related to the maximum protection of your eyes when doing extreme sports or favorite activities. Ultraviolet radiation is part of the spectrum of sunlight that can penetrate the eye and thus cause short or long term damage. For this reason, investing in a good ski mask or goggles will protect the health of your eyes and may save you from a scare in low visibility conditions. Likewise, snow reflects more than 80% of UV radiation, up to four times more than water, and for this reason, without realizing it, it can be very harmful to us. When we go skiing and we look at the sky we think: "It's covered, but the forecast announces sun, so what mask do you wear?"

When choosing which mask to wear, different factors must be taken into account, since the variety is very wide. It must be taken into account that weather conditions change very quickly in the mountains and adapting easily to the situation should be our priority. For this reason, for several years photochromic has appeared to make life easier for riders and today, it continues to play a leading role in the range of ski goggles products.

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Is protecting your eyes against ultraviolet radiation so important?

From the Uller® technical team we want you to take into account that ultraviolet rays (UV) can irreversibly damage our eyes, which is why ski goggles with photochromic lenses are important . Continued or intermittent exposure to snow and sun without glasses has cumulative effects on the cornea and is often the source of eye injuries that may appear in the near future. The problems generated by these rays can be multiple, ranging from "simple" eye irritations to temporary loss of sight, known as "skier blindness." A piece of information in this regard is enormously revealing: while the land reflects 10% of the light and the sea 25%, the snow reflects an incredible 85%, also increasing its intensity by 10% for every 1.000 meters of altitude.

For this reason and to avoid any type of ocular injury, it is essential to use special masks for skiers that include filters to reduce part of the light that enters, thus avoiding glare, image distortion, reflections and color alteration between objects. The unfortunate habit of doing without glasses early in the day or on cloudy days is widespread among skiers. However, the fact that the day is cloudy does not mean, by far, that the clouds stop the action of the U.V The light may be less, but the effect of these rays will be equally harmful for the skier, therefore, we will always use the glasses, whether there is sun or not. After several hours skiing without glasses, the sensation can become very unpleasant: constant stinging in the eyes followed by constant tearing that will prevent us from seeing the slopes correctly, which in the end translates into uncomfortable and unsafe skiing, being one of the main causes of accidents. For this reason, photochromic ski goggles are a great option if you want to protect your eyes from this type of danger.

But what exactly is photochromia?

Photochromic ski goggles were a huge step forward in the world of lenses. There are different adjectives to express its functioning. A changing, evolutionary, adaptable, variable screen…. However, the benefit is the same: the screen darkens in contact with UV rays and lightens when the light intensity is reduced. So if the light changes, the screen adjusts without the person wearing it having to do anything. Photochromic ski goggles are made up of silver halide molecules that react chemically and allow the lens to lighten or darken depending on the incidence of natural light. Therefore, photochromic ski goggles are the most versatile when it comes to skiing or snowboarding, because they will be completely transparent indoors, with artificial light or even at night. This means a whole advantage for its use in sports that take place outdoors.

In fact, it is important to clarify that this photochromic property of the lenses only works outdoors, when they are exposed to ultraviolet light and not with artificial light. All photochromic ski goggles have 100% protection against UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays, since they act as sun filters. And its useful life, contrary to what the general public may believe, is the same as that of any other ophthalmic treatment, such as anti-reflective agents. Although photochromic ski goggles are somewhat more expensive, they are also more comfortable and versatile at the same time.

gafas de esqui fotocromáticas

What are the real advantages of ski goggles with photochromic lenses?

- They adapt to the luminosity of the world. Without a doubt, this is its greatest advantage par excellence, and the main core of its appeal. In the changes in which there is a change in the light that is projected from the sky, the glasses will not subtract any vision, but on the contrary, it will adapt to the conditions.

- Protection and comfort: by not having to change ski goggles depending on the current light, we prevent something from getting into the eye during sports, distractions... In addition, all photochromic goggles have protection against 100% UVA rays, that is, against sun rays that are harmful to the health of our eyes. Our models of masks have Photochromic lenses and are also Polarized. They are undoubtedly the lenses with the most advanced technology found on the market. The most important characteristic of Photochromic lenses is that they automatically adapt the amount of light transmission that allows to pass through the lens depending on the weather conditions, that is, if it is a very sunny day, the lenses will they will darken to protect you from light, but if it is a day with heavy snowfall or fog, they will clear up so that you can see better in the low light that exists in the environment and thus improve visibility and relief.

At Uller® we have the most advanced optical technology in the world. With our High Tech Performance Optics X-POLAR lenses we achieve a definition and clarity above normal that allows us a spectacular contrast and color. For this reason, we know how important it is to have quality ski goggles with photochromic lenses so that we not only have sharpness and color fidelity, but also adapt to the luminosity depending on the weather conditions, whether they are fog, snow, rain, etc. We encourage you to take a look at our ski goggles with photochromic lenses so you can see for yourself their quality and protection for your eyes! Photochromic ski goggles are the ideal, without a doubt. Have you ever tried them?