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Mikaela Shiffrin


Mikaela Shiffrin Curiosities and her best Youtube videos!

The new queen of the white circus. This is how Mikaela Shiffrin is known in the world of alpine skiing globally. The American skier Mikaela Shiffrin has reached the podium of the greatest skiers in her own right, after many years dedicating herself to it. For those who don't know her, the history of this professional skier is nothing short: she has won two Olympic gold medals, three World Championships, three World Cup Overall, and has more than 64 World Cup victories. Alpine Ski. Likewise, she is the youngest skier in history to win 2 Crystal Globes and an Olympic Gold Medal in the Slalom discipline. Shiffrin is not only one of the best athletes on the planet earth, she is also a woman who lavishes sympathy wherever she goes, capturing all the attention of the media and advertising brands in the world. Do we really know who this new queen of world skiing is? Here we tell you some curiosities about her!


Mikaela Shiffrin takes first place in the Women's Giant Slalom! You can certainly see in this video her speed, her dedication, and the incredible result of those two things together. We love to see her excited, and we get excited about her!

Let's move to a closer side of Mikaela Shiffrin... This is her new house where she shows off all her gold medals! In the video you can see the home of this professional athlete, who is in addition to being an incredible skier and a very close person. And it tastes great! We encourage you to take a look at the place where she rests, is inspired, and she keeps all the trophies that she has been winning throughout her life.

In this video we can appreciate what was called Mikaela's “season for eternity”. Where he won three world medals, four Golden Globes, and was on the podium 17 times in various world championships. This girl's work is unbelievable! As many say, “Mikaela doesn't ski, she flies over the snow”. And we believe that these images can be seen perfectly….

The youngest woman to win an Alpine Ski Slalom Championship! That's right, we weren't lying to you, her world record has made her consider herself one of the youngest skiers to have so many awards worldwide. For this reason, the "Olympic Channel" has put together the best "highlights" so that we can enjoy his prowess on the track (if he gives us time, because his speed is unbeatable). Likewise, we can appreciate how she and her family are excited after what she has just achieved. Passion and feeling without equal in these competitions!

A year ago, Outside TV made a small documentary with her about how the skier saw her entire professional career from the outside and thanked her family and friends for all the time they had been with her, supporting her even in the most difficult moments. difficult. We can appreciate how he trains, how he prepares and the more human perspective that this professional athlete could offer us. His words inspire and motivate like no other! The life of a professional athlete of this level is guided by these two concepts: discipline and passion. Something that Mikaela is not missing.

At Uller we admire all professional ski and snow athletes and we love seeing all these athletes achieve what they want after so much training and dedication. Did you know Mikaela Shffrin before? If not, I'm sure you'll follow her closely now to find out all her achievements!



1. Mikaela Shiffrin was born on March 13, 1995. He is 1.70 meters tall and weighs 66 kilos of fiber and muscle. She is privileged by genetics! Apart from being gorgeous, she has a perfect body that allows her to perform at her best on the court. He certainly trains hard for it day by day!

2. His family was also a skier! She comes from a family that also ran in the ski world: her parents, Jeff and Eileen Shiffrin, competed on the Masters Circuit and his older brother, Taylor, competed for the University of Denver. His mother, quit her nursing job to travel with Mikaela, becoming her trainer, while Jeff was the breadwinner for the family, working as an anesthesiologist across the country. Now, he is also part of his daughter's team. How could Mikaela not be a skier?

3. What is your palmares? The American made her World Cup debut on March 11, 2011 at just 15 years old. At 16 he got on the podium for the first time. At this rate, he will soon dethrone a myth like the Swede Ingemar Stenmark. Winner of the Crystal Globe in the last three seasons, she is on her way to surpassing Lindsey Vonn and Anne Marie Moser-Pröll. And it is that you only have to look at all the victories he has achieved throughout his life!

4. One of the great gestures that the skier had during the Are World Cup in Sweden! At just 19 years old, after achieving her triumph, the journalists went to talk to her and she was overwhelmed, she just wanted to go home to be with her family because she was very tired. But then she was approached by 11-year-old Emma Lundell from Sweden who said these words to her. "I have cancer, would you mind taking a picture?" With this, Mikaela was shocked by this encounter, and at that time, she focused on helping the little girl's fight against leukemia, which no longer has to receive chemotherapy and has already skied again. And not only these types of gestures… In Grandvalira, for example, he gave the spotlight for a few minutes to Frida Hansdotter, a Swedish skier who has put an end to her sports career. And it's just one of the details he had in the Andorra Finals.

Mikaela Shiffrin gasa de esqui

5. Do you know what ABFTTB means? Since she was a child, Mikaela has marked her skis and helmet with the following letters: ABFTTB: "Always Be Faster Than The Boys." He likes to watch men to learn their aggressiveness and often trains with some of the best, like Marcel Hirscher.

6. The unfinished business: Mikaela Shiffrin isn't obsessed with achieving Ingemar Stenmark's record 82 wins, as her predecessor Lindsey Vonn was. On the other hand, he is very aware that his pending subject is the Descent. There have been many occasions in which the skier from Vail has had to answer this question and she has always done it in the same sense: "someday I will run the Descent". When he does, he sure won't let his fans down!

7. He doesn't just like skiing! Since she is a child, Shiffrin is very active playing all kinds of sports, trying to keep up with her brother. Skating, windsurfing, tennis, karate, soccer, cycling, Nordic skiing. She enjoys playing the piano, napping, painting, cooking, and most of all, dancing and training!

Mikaela Shiffrin

Without a doubt, Mikaela is one of the great inspirations in the world of skiing and one of the most important athletes in the world today. If you still want to know more about her, here we bring you the best Youtube videos of Mikaela Shiffrin!