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Máscaras de esquí con Lentes magnéticas intercambiables


Ski goggles with interchangeable lenses...More important than you thought!

To practice any mountain activity or sport, we know that we always have to be equipped in the best possible way. For lovers of adventure and extreme sports, this is something to prioritize at all times, since on many occasions we can find ourselves in more or less desired conditions up there, and it is necessary to be prepared for any occasion or problem that may arise.

One aspect that we must prioritize at all times, and this is what the experts do, is protection of the eyes when practicing winter sports thanks to ski goggles. At Uller® this is a matter that we have always taken into account, since ultraviolet radiation can be up to eight times more intense on ski slopes and in the mountains, so protection should be avoided in our eyes at all times to avoid more serious problems or pathologies in the long run due to exposure.

Máscaras de esquí con Lentes magnéticas intercambiables

Máscaras de esquí con Lentes magnéticas intercambiables

And it is that the altitude at times can become an enemy of the eyes if we do not take the necessary measures to protect them adequately, since we need good vision at all times to practice sports, a transcendental issue for our team of freeriders and professional athletes.

It is for this reason that at Uller® we have the most advanced optical technology in the world in ski goggles. With our High Tech Performance Optics X-POLAR lenses we achieve a definition and clarity above normal that allows us a spectacular contrast and color.

This was told to us first-hand by someone very special to the Uller® team, the photographer who loves mountains and all the sports that can be practiced in them, Chechu Arribas. In love with the proportion that nature offers, Chechu began the adventure eight years ago of trying to convey what he felt with these practices thanks to photography.

For him, despite the fact that carrying 23 kilos of material with him is already an arduous task, the snow conditions are something that should play in his favor, so he also knows first-hand that the weather is something to keep in mind when doing the mountain and choosing the ski goggles that will accompany you at all times.

Máscaras de esquí con Lentes magnéticas intercambiables

For Chechu Arribas, the snow goggles are something fixed in his essential accessories when doing all kinds of practice in the mountains. For him, who considers himself very exquisite when it comes to choosing the material he is going to use, it is essential that his ski goggles do not fog up and that they protect him from the sun, while offering him the visibility he needs on those days. low relief and poor visibility.

It is for this reason that for Chechu Arribas interchangeable lenses “are a luxury for him”. The new collection of Uller® ski goggles models include the magnetic lens exchange system that allows you to easily and quickly change lenses at any time, depending on the weather conditions.

Since the photographer and passionate about mountain sports Chechu Arribas began to take this type of photography, it was clear to him that it would be difficult to work to get quality material at that time.

He himself tells us: “I have done sessions at 15 below zero, sessions with winds of up to 100 km/h, I have done base jumping sessions hanging 500 meters from the ground, I have worked a lot on rescue photography in areas where there is no light and, on the contrary, there is a lot of mud, fixed ropes to access the shooting positions…”. Without a doubt, a career linked to sport and action that his photographs always transmit to us.

Máscaras de esquí con Lentes magnéticas intercambiables

Adverse weather conditions are one of the things that most worry people who are part of the Uller® team, like Chechu Arribas. For this reason, adapting to them thanks to the lenses that your ski goggles contain is of the utmost importance and a very important part of the day-to-day life of people who spend so much time in the mountain.

For this reason, our ski goggles have the lens anchoring to the frame in an extremely simple way, being able to change the lens in just 2 seconds. The two lenses included: 1 for sunny days in CAT.3 and a clearer one for days of low visibility in CAT.1 At the same time, all our filters are approved to protect themselves from ultraviolet radiation, with suitable lenses for the absolute protection of our eyesight.

For people like Chechu Arribas, together with our freeriders and team of professional athletes, the weather conditions are something that they must take into account, but they should not be conditioned or slowed down at all when carrying out their activities. The ease of interchangeable lenses refers to being able to easily adapt to the conditions that a day in the mountains can give you: cold, heat, wind, sun, rain. The important thing is the comfort and ease with which to adjust and adapt to each situation without having to have several ski goggles at your disposal.

At the same time, thanks to the versatility of our ski goggles, we want to offer our riders very high performance both on sunny days and on cloudy days. bad weather conditions, be it fog, snow, rain... In addition, its X-POLAR lenses have a Dual Layer AntiFog double-layer system to prevent fogging with UV-400 protection. That is why it is considered the most technologically advanced lenses on the market!

Uller® is a high-performance premium brand created by and for elite athletes. All our products are created under the experience of high-performance athletes who impregnate their needs in our products and these are created to meet all demands. The products are tested taking them to the highest level of stress possible to ensure that they will meet expectations during use in professional and amateur sports, so we want to encourage you to try our new interchangeable lenses yourself!

Máscaras de esquí con Lentes magnéticas intercambiables

Whether you are a professional, an amateur, or like Chechu Arribas, passionate about action photography, your eyes should always be a priority when it comes to safeguarding all kinds of situations. What are you waiting for? Take a look at all its features! #FreeRidersAtHearth