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Lucia Martiño


Lucia Martino

Name: Lucia Martiño de la Arena

Date of birth: January 6, 1994

Origin: Gijón, Asturias. (Spain)

Height: 1.67m

Profession: Professional surfer.

Studies: Business Administration

First contact with surfing: 11 years old

Favorite waves: Rodiles, El Mongol (Gijón) and Xago

Web: https://www.luciamartino.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lucia_martino/

“I love traveling, enjoying each country, culture and being able to meet people who are very different from me, I live in the moment doing what I like the most, surfing.”

Lucía Martiño is one of the most recognized and awarded young surfers in all of Spain. She began competing in her native Spain, before going on to compete in World Juniors competition at age 14. She is Junior Spanish Champion and absolute Spanish Champion on multiple occasions. Until she was 20 years old, she participated in the European Junior Professional Circuit where her best result was 3rd in the final ranking of the circuit. She has recently participated in the QS world circuit of the World Surf League in which she has been in the top 45. Her sports career has not interrupted with her Business Administration studies

Lucia Martiño

“Since I was little, I enjoyed doing sports, whatever it was, swimming, karate, skiing, athletics… I tried to do my best to perform them in the best way. Until at the age of 11 I had contact with a surfboard for the first time."

Lucia Martiño

“It all started as a game, and little by little, without realizing it, I was getting into the world of competition.”