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Having ski goggles that protect you from the sun on the slopes is essential. Less time ago than we think, this factor was not given so much importance. Skiers wore normal sunglasses, and it was little by little that snow and ski lovers realized the usefulness of masks and their mandatory use. The sun reflecting off the snow produces a very strong bounce of light that can be highly damaging to our vision, just as the apparently "weak" sun on a cloudy day can be. The mountains are still places where the weather conditions are more extreme, especially if we find them covered in snow, and a ski mask will protect us from the different intensities of light as well as from other elements that can bounce towards our face. In addition, the glasses have an aesthetic component that no one can deny, and the Uller ski goggles leave no one indifferent. For this reason, in today's article we help you choose the perfect ski mask for you according to the benefits you are looking for.

comprar gafas de esquí online Uller máscaras de esquí freeride


It is important to start by being clear that the use of a quality ski mask will be key to skiing. But. because? Ski goggles protect you, not only from the sun, but also from the face itself while skiing, so below we would like to briefly show you what are the factors that differentiate ski goggles from sunglasses:

  • The main advantage of wearing ski goggles is that they will filter 100% of the ultraviolet rays, which are very dangerous for our vision. In addition, the more the altitude increases, the more the sun's rays increase, and therefore the glare from the snow. The function of the glasses as light filter is the basic characteristic, but by no means the least important. As we have mentioned before, the snow makes a strong reflection of light, which can dazzle our eyes and cause accidents on the slopes due to the simple fact of having to strain our eyes.
  • However, this does not mean that glasses are important only for brightly sunny days, but that they must also perform this function of filter of light on cloudier days to help you identify the different terrain features.
  • An element that perhaps we do not take into account about what ski goggles can benefit us is that they fit the face and the helmet in such a way that they do not leave space to prevent elements from entering us in the eyes. When we ski and reach some speed, it is likely that objects such as tree branches or debris can hit us in the face, especially if we are talking about freeriding where the terrain is not expressly prepared for the skier.
  • In addition, the ULLER ski goggles have the Anti-Slip Strap system on the strap that allows perfect attachment of the goggles to the helmet . If we wear common sun glasses, we run the risk that they may fall off or that these elements may enter us.

comprar gafas de esquí online Uller máscaras de esquí freeride


Currently there are a large number of lenses depending on many factors, and it is important to be aware of this when buying the right ski mask for you.


First of all, the protection index is going to be what tells us to what extent the different lenses are going to protect us, or what is the same: what will be the degree of filtration of the ultraviolet rays that reach us. All Uller glasses, whether sports glasses, ski masks or sunglasses, comply with all established eye care guarantees thanks to their UV400 protection. This guarantees the ability of Uller lenses to filter ultraviolet rays, making them not harmful to our eyes.


There are different categories that will indicate whether they are suitable for skiing in low light or for sunnier days. Among these categories, we work on categories 1 and 3, being the CAT. 1 preferred for days with less light, and CAT. 3 for days when the sun rises. The best thing is that at Uller we also have masks that have interchangeable lenses. What does this mean? Which are masks that include a CAT lens. 1 suitable for cloudy days, and that of CAT. 3 for sunny days. In this way, the skier will be able to change lenses in just three seconds if the light conditions vary during the same day.

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On the other hand, it is also important to consider the lens tint when buying a ski goggle. Since we are talking about colors, there are endless shades. These can go from more yellowish, orange, brown, greyish, etc., but the important thing is to look at its clarity or opacity, that is, in its categories, depending on the needs that we have as skiers.

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The specialty of photochromic lenses is that they are made with pigments that react differently depending on the intensity of light, which is very useful for different weather conditions that can occur during a long day of skiing. What does this tell us? That they are truly versatile, something that the skier is undoubtedly grateful for, since he does not have to worry because the mask with the photochromic lens will adapt itself to the intensity of the light that he perceives. As? Very easy. Thanks to those pigments that react to light, the lens clears up when the day is cloudy, capturing all the light there is; while if the day is very sunny, the lens becomes progressively more opaque and lets in less light to allow reasonable vision.

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comprar gafas de esquí online Uller máscaras de esquí freeride


Another important factor to consider when choosing lenses is the shape of the lens. In this sense, they can have a more straight or more spherical shape. A cylindrical lens makes the mask flat in 2D, giving a more horizontal field of vision and a more vintage look. We can find models of this style in Uller's online store Cornice, The Wall, Avalanche and Cliff. On the other hand, a spherical lens is 3D and gives you vertical and horizontal fields of view. Here we could find the model Blizzard, Snowdrift and Vertical .

It is, after all, a factor that will make the skier feel more or less comfortable doing all those activities involved in the modality he does. In this way, the preference will be totally subjective since what is more comfortable for some may not be for others, and vice versa.

comprar gafas de esquí online Uller máscaras de esquí freeride


Another of the most important factors to look at when buying a ski mask is ventilation. Good ventilation is fundamental since it will guarantee our comfort as skiers, avoiding the fogging that the temperature contrast produces. Uller ski goggles have an anti-fog system thanks to the presence of a double layer lens. What does this mean? As we show you in the image below, the air is able to enter and exit the mask by advancing through the fine gap between the two lens layers. In this way, hot and cold air do not touch and therefore no fogging occurs.

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Since you now know what characteristics to take into account when choosing the perfect ski goggles for you, we encourage you to go to the Uller online store to choose yours. Why Uller? Very simple: at Uller we are lucky to have professionals from the world of skiing to manufacture our goggles. In this way, we know first-hand what vision problems a skier may have, and solve them through the quality and the high technology of our goggles. The result has been ski goggles created for professionals and semi-professionals. These are some of its features:

- Ski goggles with maximum lightness and comfort.

- Design and size designed for men and women.

- X-POLAR technology with UV-400 protection and Dual Layer AntiFog double layer system to prevent fogging.

- Internal ventilation system with anti-condensation.

- Anti-Slip Strap tape for a perfect fixation of the glasses to the helmet.

- Frame made of extremely light thermoplastic polyurethane.

- Some include interchangeable magnetic lenses.

comprar gafas de esquí online Uller máscaras de esquí freeride


Uller is a worldwide pioneer in this new technology that has revolutionized the world of ski goggles. The X-POLAR technology , thanks to its special filter that blocks reflected light, is responsible for providing greater protection to athletes, defending them from ultraviolet rays. In this way, Uller's ski mask enhances colors like no other does, enhancing their intensity while also increasing contrasts. This is the quintessential feature of the house and is the definitive argument for deciding to buy your ski goggles from a trusted brand such as Uller.

The X-Polar technology of the lenses that are designed in Uller are designed for the maximum enjoyment of the skier.The visual perception of the environment improves considerably with lenses with this technology and that makes the experience of skiing or any other type of white sport a real joy.

comprar gafas de esquí online Uller máscaras de esquí freeride

Now that you know everything you need to know about ski goggles, take a look at our catalogue and see for yourself the design and technology of ULLER goggles.

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