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Previously we have told you about the Panticosa Spa and all the things you did not know about it. However, we have not explained what exactly are the benefits that hot springs have for your body and mind. You will be surprised with the amount of mineral properties that these waters have and how good they are for health.

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Thermal waters are those that come from the underground layers of the earth at high temperatures and that contain a quantity of mineral-medicinal products. Since ancient times they have already been an attraction for human beings and their health and their first constructions date back to BC in India. Best of all, since these times they were used as a therapeutic or relaxation treatment. Returning to the present from the year 1986, the World Health Organization recognizes that the use of thermal waters as medical therapies.

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In spas like the one in Panticosa you will leave with oxygenated skin and you will eliminate toxins and germs from your body. They also help produce endorphins and stimulate blood circulation. They have antioxidant properties and soothe pain. In addition, they improve the functioning of the nervous system and help to create defenses.

The importance of thermal waters for health reaches such a point that they are recommended by many doctors for postoperative processes with very specific therapies depending on what your operation was.

Another of its great benefits comes hand in hand with skin care. skin hydration is something that we cannot forget and that we must always keep in mind. Thermal waters help especially in times of intense heat or cold, when our skin tends to dry out faster. They are also recommended for sunburn, to avoid irritation after shaving and even for children's skin.

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In fact, there are so-called thermal water sprays that help skin elasticity and keep you hydrated.

Finally, its relaxing factor is one of the uses we give the most to hot springs. Both athletes and people who work most of their time sitting, the hot springs are highly recommended because they provide energy and relaxation to be able to continue with the routine without problem. So now you know, no matter what your job is, hot springs are an experience you can't miss!

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So you know, take care of yourself and go disconnect to any of the spas in your country. Those located in ski resorts are in great demand in the winter season, because you can rest there after an intense day of physical exercise in the mountains descending the slopes. Of course, what surely does not need rest are your eyes, because if you ski with the Uller ski goggles you know that the care of your eyes will be ensured.

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