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máscaras de esquí infantiles uller tienda online



If you have taken a look at our blog, you will see that we have an article dedicated to ski goggles and their features, with an emphasis on the X-POLAR technology of the goggles from Uller. However, we do not want to forget the little ones who are starting out in this sport, and who enjoy the slopes as much (or more). The most important thing for a child is that they feel comfortable with their ski equipment, so now you know, don't miss this article with the best tips for buying children's ski masks; We know that you, as a good ski fan, what makes you most excited is that your little ones (present or future) share that passion with you.

máscaras de esquí infantiles de uller tienda online


At first glance, it might seem that the tips we have to follow to choose good ski goggles for children are practically the same as those for adults.It must be taken into account, however, that the pigmentation of the retina in children is not complete until the age of 12, so care must be taken to choose snow goggles or ski goggles that have approved protection. The best thing is that the Uller masks for children have UV400 protection that will filter out ultraviolet rays that are harmful to the optical health of our little ones.

máscaras de esquí infantiles de uller tienda online

We know that, when choosing glasses, whether for skiing or sunglasses, the lens category is essential. Because? Mainly because the category will indicate to what extent it is light or dark and, therefore, for what conditions they are intended.At Uller we have goggles for children of different categories, so it will be interesting for you to choose the model that you think best suits the weather and light conditions for which the child goes skiing.

On the other hand, the lenses of children's masks must be resistant to prevent them from scratching at the slightest drop. It is also important the ventilation system, since it is clearly necessary so that the glasses do not fog up with our breathing and condensation is generated inside. Our anti-fog system is perfect to solve this and allow the child to "forget" that they are wearing glasses. In fact, to contribute to the latter, the glasses must fit perfectly both the face and the helmet of the child, and thanks to the anti-slip system of the Uller glasses present on the tape, this is guaranteed.

máscaras de esquí infantiles de uller tienda online


ULLER reaches all ages so that anyone can enjoy the snow, which is why we have different models of comfortable and fun ski goggles for the little ones. In addition to the love for sport and nature, ULLER's values ​​include a commitment to teaching skiing. For this we offer the best quality in our glasses with the most advanced technology.

In addition, children can go together with their parents since in our online store they can find very similar adult and child masks. That's why we encourage you to discover first-hand all this and much more in the ULLER children's ski goggles section. Because? Due to the characteristics that it presents and that we show you below:

  • Lightness and comfort

The little ones are delighted to wear our ski goggles, above all for their lightness and comfort. One of the characteristics is that they do not weigh much and guarantee optical protection and comfort.

  • Unisex designs with fun colors

These are unisex goggles, but with a wide variety of colors and different models so that each child can choose the look they like best for their first ski goggles.

  • X-Polar technology and UV400 protection

In addition, children's glasses also have our most pioneering technology, X-POLAR technology, which increases contrast and makes colors appear much more intense; and with UV400 protection, providing the greatest protection to these little athletes and defending them from harmful ultraviolet rays.

  • Variety of lens categories

Uller offers a wide variety of ski goggles depending on the weather and light conditions that the skier will face when practicing his favorite white sport. For this reason, in the case of children's snow goggles, you will find lenses from CAT.1, CAT.2 and CAT.3 thus determining the degree of clarity or opacity of the lens so that more or less light enters. In this graph that you find below you will be able to understand it much better. So you will know which mask you want to buy for your children!

máscaras de esquí infantiles de uller tienda online

  • Ventilation and fixation

ULLER also offers the perfect solution so that condensation does not enter the glasses with its double lens internal anti-condensation ventilation system. Finally, its Anti-Slip Strap allows the goggles to fit both the helmet and the children's face. In addition, the strap is adjustable, which guarantees the glasses a duration throughout their growth stage.

máscaras de esquí infantiles de uller tienda online


Children's ski goggles are often designed so that little ones are attracted to them and want to wear them. They have to see the masks as a necessary accessory for skiing and they must be aware of their importance. To do this, the more color and fun your design is, the more they will like it. In addition, not only should it enter their eyes with its design, but it is also necessary that it be comfortable for them and not weigh them down.

On the other hand, at Uller we care about safety in sports, especially for the little ones, which is why our design offers maximum protection. In fact, many of our models have interchangeable lenses so that you can choose depending on the weather and that all the factors are on your side so that you can enjoy a 100% snow day!

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Don't worry if your child becomes more of a fan of another sport like snowboarding or prefers to spend a day sledding with him. Children's ski goggles are used for all kinds of snow activities.

They are normally designed for children between the ages of 3 and 15, that is, many adolescents can also use them.



ULLER offers in its catalog of ski goggles models dedicated to children with X-POLAR technology, unisex and adjustable headband according to growth of the child. In the catalog you can find different categories (CAT.1, CAT.2 or CAT.3) knowing that, of course, the care of your eyesight is guaranteed thanks to the UV400 protection lenses present in all Uller ski goggles. Comfort and technology in children's glasses.


Uller's children's ski goggles are the perfect size to fit from 3-year-olds to 15-year-olds. The anti-slip system that the rubber has allows this mask to fit perfectly, both to the helmet and to the child's face, and that it can be used throughout their growth period.


Our ski goggles have a wide variety of lenses that you can find out about their characteristics on our blog. From goggles with photochromic lens to goggles with interchangeable magnetic lens, ski goggles with fixed lens or children's ski goggles for boys and girls.

máscaras de esquí infantiles de uller tienda online

máscaras de esqui infantiles uller