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Aymar Navarro FWT21


Aymar Navarro is third in the final of the Freeride World Tour in Verbier

FWT21 culminates with an Xtreme Verbier that has not disappointed!

Spain and all freeride lovers celebrate with great enthusiasm the historic podium that the Aranese skier Aymar Navarro has reached in the Grand Final of the Freeride World Championship, a mythical off-piste ski event that brings together the top figures, both male and female. skiing and snowboarding of this modality.

After performing more than 1.500 PCR tests to guarantee the safety of the athletes, their companions and the track staff in the face of the threat of Covid, the Bec des Rosses resort (Verbier, Switzerland) hosted for the seventh time the grand final of the 2021 Freeride World Championship, which held this year its 25th edition of the Xtreme Verbier.

Aymar Navarro FWT21

The Aranese skier finished in third position, obtained after reaching an amazing line valued at 86.33 points by the competition judges. The trail runner has become a benchmark in Freeride.

He was accompanied on the podium by the Swede Kristofer Turdell, winner of the event, who has also achieved first position in the Ski Men Ranking, and the Frenchman Wadeck Gorak (former Xtreme Verbier champion) in second position.

For his part, Aymar Navarro reached third place on the podium and ranked seventh in the world, proving to be one of the most competitive and talented freeriders of the last decade after scoring the biggest aerial double in the history of the competition.

Aymar Navarro FWT21

After having successfully completed the two tests last February in Andorra with good results, Navarro reached the grand final in Verbier, leaving behind any memory of 2019, the year in which he also qualified for the grand final, but in which he suffered a fall that deprived him of achieving good results and truncated a position in the top three.

During the FWT21, however, the Aranese strengthens his well-deserved position among the best in the world and, in addition, becomes one of the most outstanding Spanish freeriders at an international level.

In fact, with this victory, the skier from Les has positioned himself as the first Spaniard to achieve a podium position in his category.

Taking into account that the athletes of the four categories have started at 3020 m, instead of 3.300 m due to the snow conditions, Aymar has remained true to his style at all times, completing his descent with a double jump at the top of his line with fluidity, power and a lot of technique.

Here we leave you the video of his descent... Don't miss it!


“I can't ask for more today. I have always trusted that I had a world championship podium in my legs, and getting it in a place like this, which I consider the Mecca of freeride, is a source of pride.”

- Aymar Navarro (2021) after finishing third in the final of the Freeride World Tour in Verbier.

Aymar Navarro was born in the Aranese town of LES in 1989. From a very young age, his parents gave him his first skis, and when he was old enough, he started climbing on his own on weekends to perfect his style and technique.

After early mornings and injuries, a lot of technical progress and a lot of fun, the skier was aware of his qualities and decided to be part of competition groups seeking to be better every day, more disciplined, and more independent.

At 19 he entered the world of freeride, a category in which he is known today as one of the greatest exponents. Do you want to know more about this great freerider figure? Discover 11 things you probably didn't know about Aymar Navarro!

Aymar Navarro FWT21


What is the Freeride World Tour?

The Freeride World Tour has become the world benchmark that brings together the top male and female figures on skis and snowboards in this specialty. This championship has its origin in 2008, and was created to accommodate the growing demand for Freeride competitions. Since its creation in 2008, the FWT has organized more than 45 events, with almost 2,700 competitive races, and a roster of almost 250 different riders.

The legendary Freeride mecca, Bec des Rosses, hosts for another year the grand finale of the Freeride World Tour, the legendary Xtreme Verbier (Switzerland). After four exciting events in three different destinations, FWT21 culminated in an Xtreme Verbier that certainly did not disappoint.

What is the FWT?

The FWT21 format has consisted of four events in three different destinations, where the participants have been adding points scored in the general classification. Each test begins when crossing the starting gate, located on the peak of a mountain, and ends at the finish gate, which is located below. The score of each freerider is disputed in a single descent. Winners are decided by scoring from three judges who make a rating from 0 to 100. The following factors are taken into account to award the score:

  1. The line. The choice of the line to descend is taken into account, if it is technically difficult and if the terrain is used or not.
  2. The style. The quality of the skier's jumps and landings is evaluated. Including tricks or grabs improves the score of each jump.
  3. Fluency. Skiing at high speed is a plus, especially if the terrain is difficult.
  4. Control. Carrying out maneuvers outside the skier's possibilities is penalized, even if he manages to save the situation.
  5. The technique. It is about demonstrating an exceptional level in the most complicated areas.

The best skiers in each category are classified with the points obtained during the previous stages for the final test that takes place in Verbier (Switzerland). Only a maximum of 29 riders will be able to access the last two tests: 13 male and 6 female on skis and 6 male and 4 female with snowboard.

What categories are in the FWT?

In addition to the tests and locations, the Freeride World Tour divides its competitors into 4 categories: Snowboard Women, Snowboard Men, Ski Women and Ski Men. Within each category, there are three groups: The top 13 of the FWT in order of ranking from the previous year; The top of the Freeride World Qualifier, which is another circuit for freeriders that consists of more tests (74 normally). The top freeriders of the FWQ are also called “The Rookies”.

The last group we find in the FWT categories is made up of the Wildcards: runners with a certain renown who are invited to compete.

aymar navarro fwt21


FWT21 ranking in the men's ski category:

  • Kristofer Turdell — 31,720 points.
  • Ross Tester — 30,800 points.
  • Carl Regner Eriksson — 24,320 points.
  • Wadeck Gorak — 24,320 points.
  • Reine Barkered — 23,860 points.
  • Andrew Pollard — 23,400 points.
  • Aymar Navarro — 23,000 points.
  • Maël Ollivier — 21,700 points.
  • Blake Marshall — 20,360 points.
  • Isaac Freeland — 18,000 points.

FWT21 ranking in the women's ski category:

  • Elisabeth Gerritzen — 10,000 points.
  • Arianna Tricomi — 8000 points.
  • Hedvig Wessel — 6400 points.
  • Zuzanna Witych — 5120 points.
  • Tracy Chubb — 4095 points.
  • Juliette Wilmann — 3275 points.


FWT21 ranking in the men's snowboarding category:

  • Victor De Le Rue — 31,400 points.
  • Blake Moller — 27,600 points.
  • Cody Bramwell — 27,120 points.
  • Camille Armand — 18,240 points.
  • Nils Mindnich — 17,715 points.

FWT21 ranking in the women's ski category:

  • Elisabeth Gerritzen — 27,620 points.
  • Hedvig Wessel — 27,600 points.
  • Zuzanna Witych — 22,800 points.
  • Juliette Willmann — 20,915 points.
  • Tracy Chubb — 18,945 points.

Aymar Navarro FWT21

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