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Top 10 desencensos más extremos


TOP 10 videos of the most extreme descents. Don't miss them!


An insurmountable feeling is approaching, you feel the wind passing through your face... the blood pumping very hard, the adrenaline running through the entire body, and the mind focused on a single objective: to reach the end of the descent.

These are some of the emotions true freeriders feel when going down at full speed.

We want you to relive those sensations below with our selection of the 10 most extreme descents:

Angel Collison, Alaska, 2014

The American professional skier was the first woman to participate in a film under the Teton Gravity Research label.

Relive Angel's adrenaline rush down one of the mountains in Juneau, Alaska accompanied by Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Ian McIntosh and Dana Flahr.

He says that during that descent, he left his comfort zone and put his skills to the test.

Xavier De Le Rue, Alaska, 2013

The Frenchman Xavier De Le Rue has never ceased to amaze with his incredible ability to continue to excel mountain after mountain. His passion is to go faster and bigger. De Le Rue has managed to do far beyond what any other rider is capable of.

In the video, the snowboarder takes on an extreme descent around the Haines Mountains in Alaska, in search of the best images and shots.

Andrezj Bargiel, Himalayas, 2018

The 32-year-old Polish mountaineer Andrezj Bargiel achieved what seemed impossible to him in 2018: the full descent of the 8.611 meters from K2, the second highest peak on Earth after Everest, he spent several weeks at the foot of the Himalayan peak to acclimatize to the altitude.

K2 is commonly known as the “killer mountain” or “wild mountain” because of the difficulties it presents.

To make this descent, Bargiel and his team had to carefully study the best course using drones.

Cody Townsend, Tordrillos, Alaska, 2014

Considered the most extreme and difficult descent of 2014. The American Cody Townsend has received Powder Awards that same year in Salt Lake City and the Best Sky Line, which recognizes the best extreme sports athletes, for skiing down Tordrillo Peak in Alaska.

In the video you can see how Cody descended at 75 kilometers per hour, by an incredible runner that covers the entire mountain. The descent lasted 30 intense seconds.

Richard Permin, Markus Eder and Cody Townsend, 2015

Professional skiers Richard, Markus and Cody enjoy some runs to get lost in as they put their skills to the test on extreme descents.

Best Freeride Ski Lines 2019

A compilation of the best freeride ski lines of 2019. Starting in Hakuba, Japan with Arianna Tricomi and Markus Eder. He then continues on to Kicking horse, Canada with Craig Murray and Jacqueline Pollard.

In Fieberbrunn, Austria with Hedvig Wessel and Markus Eder. Continue to Ordino Arcalís, Andorra with Leo Slemett and Jaclyn Paaso. And finally it culminates in Verbier, Switzerland with Elisabeth Gerritzen and Wadeck Gorak.

John Jackson, Alaska, 2017

Join rider John Jackson on his tour around the mountains of Alaska. A video that summarizes your entire experience, in such a real way that it invites you to try one of the most intense descents in the territory of Alaska.

Owen Leeper, Jackson Hole, United States, 2019

Video summary of the incredible descents of the skier Owen Leeper in Jackson Hole, United States.

The views and rides on the video draw the attention of hundreds of fans, giving it a place and increasing its popularity in the world of snow.

Bode Miller, “Birds of Prey” World Cup

The video is a look from the perspective of Bode Miller on a full speed descent from the “Birds of Prey” World Cup.

Terje Håkonsen, Alaska, 90’s

This descent couldn't be left off our list!

Norwegian snowboarder, Terje Håkonsen, considered one of the most influential snowboarders of all time and creator of the aerial trick The Haakon Flip.

It is a video that is already years old, but it is a classic that we love to revive. Terje is arguably considered the greatest snowboarder in history, due to his undeniable legacy and unmatched physical ability.

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