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10 planes de après-ski para hacer en la estación de Formigal


10 après-ski plans to do at the Formigal resort

Once the ski day is over, we know that what you most want is to relax and enjoy with your family and friends, to recap the day spent enjoying a good dinner, a relaxing afternoon and why not, a party with all the other skiers who are in the resort. That is why we have prepared a list with the best 10 plans that you can enjoy this season at the Formigal-Panticosa resort, in the Aragonese Pyrenees.

The good thing about this station is that it is not only attractive for its 146 tracks that reach levels of 2.250 meters high for skiing, but offers a large list of activities around leisure and fun.

1. Sleep watching the stars, in Las Mugas

Las Mugas en la estación de esquí de Formigal, Huesca, Aragón.

    If you are one of those who likes to get out of the conventional and want to discover in depth what the mountains have to offer you, you cannot miss Las Mugas in Ayanet. It is a hotel in the middle of the mountains of Formigal and Panticosa that offers its visitors an experience that goes beyond spending the night in an igloo with views of the starry sky... and, to tell the truth, with this would seem more than enough. Those who visit Las Mugas can enjoy a personalized service 24/7, you can get there on your own through the ski slopes, or if you prefer, the guides pick you up in Ayanet. The meals are made with local ingredients and they can also enjoy a guide service accompanied by stories of the place. Dedicating a night to Las Mugas makes your visit to the Formigal resort unique, because by staying there you can have the advantage of being the first to descend the slope with virgin snow at dawn... you think, yes.

    2. Party after a day of skiing, Marchica.

    Bar Restaurante Marchica, Formigal - Panticosa

    Surely you have already heard about the famous festivities in Formigal... because this place, Marchica, is a corner, in the middle of the slopes that is transformed throughout the day. If you have finished your day of skiing and you have plenty of energy, Marchica may have a lot to offer you, and we mean this because it is a bar with a dance floor and a DJ for leisure and a drink or two, add some fun to your Formigal experience.

    This bar opened its doors to the public in 2009, beginning as a restaurant where throughout the day you can stop and have a vermouth or tapas, but be careful, because this place at 3:00 p.m.00h begins to transform, the music begins to increase the volume and you can begin to see other skiers who are arriving with good vibes and even disguised, you know that at that moment you are going to end the night in style.

    3. Panticosa Spa

    Balneario de la Panticosa , Estación de esquí de Formigal

      We believe that there is no better feeling after being surrounded by snow and cold than soaking in and enjoying hot springs. Located in the village of Panticosa, in the heart of the Pyrenees, this area offers a number of activities related to nature, perfect for those seeking true disconnection. But the biggest attraction of this place is the Balneario de la Panticosa, a hotel complex surrounded by hot springs that provide a million benefits for your skin and especially for your joints after a day of action in the mountains.

      As a curious fact, this place had already been explored by the Romans more than 2000 years ago, where, thanks to this, today there is the Tiberio Spring, one of the most important. By the way, do you know why it has received this name? Because at the time of the exploration, coins dating from the reign of this Emperor were found at the bottom of the spring.

      4. Go down in a traditional sled, doing Tobogganing

      Valle de Tena, personas deslizándose en trineo por pista iluminada

      If after the day of skiing you were left wanting more adrenaline, don't worry because the Valle de Tena has to offer you a slope of around 2.5 kilometers long, completely illuminated and the best, you will descend by a sled. That's not all, the ideal is that you do this activity after dinner at one of the best restaurants in the resort: Trattoria Cantal, and after tasting with your friends or family you can access this experience. We would have loved to tell you that it turns out to be an activity suitable for adults and children, however, the age range is limited to over 12 years. But wait because there are aprés-ski plans for boys.

      5. If you go with children, they also have a theme track.

      Nieve Aventura Estación de esquí Formigal-Panticosa

        We are talking about the Nieve Aventura park, located in the Portalet Valley. We know that sometimes the little ones also need a safe and fun space that allows them to enjoy the station as much as the adults are doing, for this reason, the Formigal station devised this circuit that seeks, through creativity, to awaken curiosity and instinct in the little ones so that they can explore and get to know the mountain ecosystem more closely. At the end of the day it turns out to be a pedagogical space that seeks to get children to gain confidence with the snow, with the sleds, with the slopes and meet other skiers their age.

        6. Petrosos Park and its family atmosphere

          We continue with spaces designed for families, and it is Petrosos Park, designed for children to learn skiing progressively and parents have full confidence in the security they will have. This park offers the possibility of using skis or not, since you can opt for sleds and snowshoes. You should keep in mind that the park opens its doors only on weekends.

          7. For those seeking complete calm, La Cabaña de Glera

          Cabaña de Glera, Valle de Tena, Estación de Formigal-Panticosa

            IF you have ever imagined having a typical warm atmosphere in a cabin in the middle of a mountain surrounded by snow with views in the distance of an illuminated village, very typical in winter, the Tena Valley has the place to make that fantasy come true. It is a cabin, well it is La Cabaña de Glera: a restaurant with capacity for 18 diners, that is, it is an exclusive service so that you can set it aside and share with your friends and family, where traditional food and good wine takes over the night.

            Just a small recommendation, you must book well in advance, since, as its service is based on exclusivity, availability is limited. To get there, the meeting point is Ayanet, you will agree with the restaurant to pick you up at the ratrack machine and they ascend approximately 2.000 meters high.

            8. If you like animals, Lacuniacha forest

              Imagine visiting the habitual habitat of the fauna and flora of the Pyrenees. A natural spectacle to enjoy that is very close to the Formigal station, exactly in the town of Piedrafita de Jaca, Valle de Tena. There you will enjoy a 30-hectare biopark that preserves around 15 species of animals that have been rescued from captivity and that their natural environment was the Pyrenees, such as: Sarrio, Lynxes, Ibex, bears, mouflons, among others. . You can enjoy a 3-hour tour, where you will travel around 4 kilometers.

              9. New Year's Eve in Formigal

                Despite being an event that only takes place once a year, if you are planning an out-of-the-ordinary New Year's Eve, the Formigal station is still a very appealing destination. There is a variety of activities to do during these dates that partly brings together several of the après-ski that we have mentioned, from spending the night in Las Mugas, enjoying a spa from Roman times, New Year's Eve party in Marchica or even a parade through the town the night before the Three Kings celebration.

                10. If you are looking for food options, there is a great gastronomic variety

                  Restaurantes en la estación de Formigal

                  We recommend you try the Foodtruck hamburger that you will find in Anayet, made with Pyrenean veal, truffles and crystal bread, it is one of those dishes that you must try if you visit the track, in addition to the fact that the atmosphere is quite pleasant with good mountain views, and good vibes. If you could not stay in the mugas, there is another option for a break during the day: the Tipis, which are typical tents inspired by the nomadic tribes of the USA. UU, located on the track "el bosque" where you can enjoy snacks and drinks. And if what you want is a good sushi in the best Eskimo style, visit "Igloo" Japanese restaurant with an incredible terrace overlooking the track.

                  We hope you have enjoyed our article and that it serves as a guide. If you are planning to visit the Formigal resort this season, remember that you can also visit the official website of the resort at this link.


                  1. Where is the Formigal ski resort located?

                  The Formigal ski resort is located in the Pyrenees, in the northeast of Spain. It is exactly located in the municipality of Sallent de Gállego, in the province of Huesca, Aragón.

                  2. How many skiable kilometers does the Formigal ski resort have?

                    According to the technical sheet of the Formigal-Panticosa station. The resort has 180 skiable km and 146 slopes that reach a maximum height of 2,250 meters and a minimum of 1,145 meters.

                    3. Can you access the slopes of the Formigal resort if you don't know how to ski?

                    You will be able to access the station and additional services offered there. You can access the tracks as such if you have previous knowledge. However, there are also areas for beginners that are located in the Panticosa sector, exactly in the cable car. On the other hand, if what you want is to enjoy the scenery without having to ski, you can access the cafeterias on foot that are located on the slopes.

                    4.What are the hours of the Formigal station?

                    The station opens its doors to the public from 9.00h until 17.00h However, it is always recommended to check the station's website for new notices before planning a climb.

                    5. What are the best slopes of the Formigal station?

                    Formigal station has 146 slopes, among the most popular are: La Tosquera, Lanuza, Tres Hombres, El Bosque, Escarra, Stadium Huegas, Anayet, Pipos.

                    6. Recommended restaurants in Formigal and Panticosa?

                    There are many restaurants, but our favorites are El Mesón Sampietro in Panticosa, Garmo Blanco in Sallent de Gállego, El Frondón in Lanuza, La Tosquera or Mesón Lavedan in Formigal and the classic among the classics, Frankfurt Aragon also in Formigal. But to have a wine, a snack or dinner, there are many very good ones!! Oh, and another spectacular place is Restaurante Venta Petruso in the Portalet area, right on the border with France, the chef is a crack!!

                    Andrea Vélez Ardila Redactora