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5 perfect gifts for father's day

Father's Day, the perfect moment to enjoy and honor that special being who inspires and motivates us to be better every day.Because it is a unique and particular day, we know that the gift plays an important role, which is why at Uller® we want to help you make that gift as special as you imagine on this father's day.

The best gifts for Father's Day are those original gifts that respond to his tastes and personality, making him feel special and loved. We know it's hard to choose the right gift, but it's not impossible! There are many accessories that start out being fashionable for a season and many times we make the mistake of giving it away because it is in trend for that period, and then over time, we see that it is no longer used.That is why at Uller® we want to help you find the gift you are looking for. It's time to surprise dad with something special and unique.

If your father is a lover of adrenaline, mountains, and likes to wear Premium items, then pay attention to the 5 gift ideas for dad in this father's day:

Sports sunglasses

gafas deportivas hombre regalo dia del padre

We start at the top! The sports sunglasses Uller® are for a father who loves extreme sports and is clear that one of the keys to ensuring better performance is a optimal visibility with premium, practical and quality items.

Our selection of Bolt sports sunglasses are created for practicing a multitude of sports. Whether your dad loves cycling, running or skiing, these sports glasses would be great for practicing his favorite sport and training! One of the main reasons why this would be an ideal gift is the importance of protecting your eyes when doing sports, either from the sun's rays or from any impact from stones or debris that can be found on the road or in the mountains. while training.

If you have a cyclist or runner parent, you should know that sports sunglasses are vital to protect their eyes against any radiation, drafts, insects, dust or any dirt that could impede your visibility and endanger yourself. sports glasses for cycling should be light and comfortable, so that you can enjoy good vision while doing sports.

Sports glasses cannot be too tight or too loose. With the Bolt sports sunglasses, you don't have to worry about that, they fit perfectly to the contours of the face, ensuring that you don't they will move during the movements in the exercise of sports discipline.

The Bolt sports glasses meet all the demands of high-performance athletes: cyclists, ultra runners, skiers, racket athletes, etc. That is why we know that weather conditions are an important factor when practicing these sports. Our collection of sports glasses has interchangeable lenses and includes 2 different ones: one for sunny days and another for days with bad conditions. They are adjustable glasses thanks to their inner frame where corrective lenses can be placed.The cyclist father will surely love this option!

The Wall ski goggles

gafas de esqui regalo dia del padre

We have this option for dads who love mountaineering and freeriding: We know ski goggles The Wall will drive you crazy! !

If your father is into snowboarding or skiing, then say no more, your best option is to give him some ski masks at father's day.

At Uller® we have the most advanced optical technology in the world. Our The Wall ski goggles come in a variety of colors and the best thing is that they include the interchangeable magnetic lens system. Why is it the best? Because your father would never have to worry again if it's a sunny or cloudy day. The The Wall ski goggles have interchangeable magnetic lenses that allow you to change lenses quickly and easily at any time, depending on the weather conditions. They are lenses with High Tech Performance Optics X-Polar technology, which achieves incredible definition and clarity, highlighting colors and contrasts.

These are lenses with an internal ventilation system and anti-condensation for air recirculation, thus guaranteeing better visibility.

We have more options and models of ski goggles Keep reading!

Snowdrift ski goggles

mascaras de esqui regalo dia del padreYeah! We have another model that dad will surely love! They are the ski goggles from the Snowdrift collection and you have the option of choosing two of our most striking colours: yellow and blue.

Like the previous ski goggles, it includes interchangeable magnetic lenses, which thanks to the magnets they have, anchor the lens to the frame, making it in a very simple way.


  • Primary lens in CAT. 3 for sunny days.
  • Secondary lens in CAT. 1 for days with low visibility and bad conditions.

It is important to highlight that it has an anti-slip strap for a perfect fixation of the glasses to the case and a frame made of extremely light thermoplastic polyurethane.

The box of ski goggles Uller® come in an impeccable presentation, so you won't have to worry about aesthetics, It also includes its microfiber case to keep the ski masks in perfect condition and of course, brand stickers for your use and entertainment.


gafas de sol regalo dia del padreOf course, this option will always be part of our top suggestions for Father's Day The sunglasses!

We know that you always want to take care of and protect dad, so what better gift than good sunglasses that perfectly protect him from the sun's rays and Also, they look amazing!

The use of sunglasses is increasingly popular, and they have even become part of the style and identity of athletes. Whatever dad's style is, at Uller® we have the ideal polarized sunglasses for him.

Not all sunglasses are effective, that is why at Uller® we have the best technology and design for the use of athletes and lovers of the adrenaline. They are a daily complement that protect the eyes from serious eye diseases, whether it is summer or winter. sunglasses are necessary!

Our collection of Hookipa sunglasses are polarized sunglasses with High Tech Performance Optics X-Polar lenses for provide better definition and contrast of colors. They are CR39 lenses with UV400 protection from CAT. 3, which is vital for better eye protection. We have different color combinations for the most daring parents to wear more colorful sunglasses, and other more basic options.

Remember! Whether it's the beach in summer or the mountains in winter, sunglasses protect against the sun's UV radiation, and help prevent glare or any reflection that may affect visibility .

Don't think about it anymore! Give fashion and optical health to dad.

Sports caps

gorras regalo del día del padre

An ideal complement to give on father's day are caps. A father who loves sports, has to have a cap in his closet. caps are just as important when sunbathing, and even more so when practicing outdoor sports, where you are more exposed to the sun's rays.

At Uller® we recommend the use of caps when practicing sports, to protect the face, where we have the most sensitive skin and it is there where they are most noticeable the years, that's why we must take care of it! Let's not forget the head, that both in summer and winter, it is important to protect it from all the conditions that may arise.

On this father's day give away a cap! caps define the character of people and if you have a sporty father, this accessory will be his favorite for a long time.

The material of our caps is quite resistant for practicing any sport. They are caps trucker style with curved visor, 60% cotton and 40% polyester, the rear closure is adjustable with the “snap-back” system, that is, they adapt to any size.

The Uller® caps are the perfect accessory to accompany dad on his next adventure.

gorra regalo dia del padre

At Uller® we love sports and outdoor activities! Below we recommend some of the sports activities that you can do with your father:

  • Running: It is an activity that can also be done alone, but what better than doing it with your father! It can be practiced at any age both in the city and in nature and is beneficial for health, helps to release stress and anxiety. Running is the best medicine and in this case, a special gift to be able to do it accompanied by dad.
  • Cycling: It can also be done both in the city and in nature. Going for a bike ride or training is one of the most fun activities we can do together with dad. Always remember to take all precautions!
  • Snowboarding: Feeling pure adrenaline accompanied by your father must be one of the best family experiences. Also, snowboarding is a great way to have fun and stay in shape.
  • Climbing: A sporting activity that brings challenges and involves a lot of effort, so it would be a good activity to do together with dad. It also highlights teamwork and the motivation that one puts on the other. It is a healthy and healthy activity to do any weekend accompanied by dad.

regalos dia del padre deportivo

Now that you have some ideas of what you can give dad on Father's Day, all you have to do is choose the option that you think will be his favorite and that will get the most out of you.

We hope these options have been useful for you to give that special detail to dad! Remember to follow us on our social networks as @Uller_co.