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What to give your sports mother on her day?

What to give your sports mother on her day? We really like to celebrate important dates, birthdays, Christmas... Now Mother's Day is coming and the party is not going to be less. Our mothers deserve an extra gesture of gratitude and affection, and of course we are going to give it to them!

We have focused this post on the best details you can do to your mother if she is as sporty and adventurous as you are. We hope they serve you!

ACCESSORIES FOR SPORTS: the best gift for sporty mothers and nature lovers

Sports cap : We know that your mother, although she sometimes hides it, is quite modern. Have you ever considered buying him a cap? If the answer is no, keep reading, because you may not know that today, caps are part of the attire of many professions and athletes, and there are many types of caps depending on the activities you do every day.

In the Uller brand, the caps, like the glasses, have simple but very aesthetic and original designs. The caps have become both a sporty and urban accessory, which gives us personality and a different touch in our way of presenting ourselves to the world. Your mother will like it. What are you waiting for to give him the most modern accessory of the season?


Sunglasses : When your mother stops to rest and regain strength, she will surely want to take off her helmet, glasses and gloves if she is wearing one. It is the perfect moment for you to take out your sunglasses and lie down on the side of a mountain, on the bank of a river or in the middle of the forest to observe and be aware of the beauty of nature that surrounds you. Our brand specialized in sports optics Uller offers a wide variety of models of sunglasses ideal for all kinds of weather conditions, but especially for very sunny days. The frame of the glasses is made with the best cellulose acetates. Each frame is made and polished by hand in a completely handmade way, thus guaranteeing a product with Premium finishes well above market standards. The lenses have a category 3 in terms of their tolerance to the sun's rays, which means that they are designed for days with good weather conditions, they deflect the reflections and the rebound of the sun's rays on surfaces such as the road or the sea, creating Thus, greater visual softness, which translates into greater comfort for your mother's eyes. In addition to standing out for the protection, quality and safety of these glasses, they also stand out for the aesthetics of their designs. There are colors, sizes and shapes for all tastes, but we don't go into that... you know more than anyone what your mother likes!

Sports glasses: Is your mother more into running and trail running? Or does she prefer cycling or water sports like windsurfing? Whatever your answer, your mother will need to equip herself with good sports sunglasses that will protect her while she trains and help her optimize her runs or her routes. We are going to offer you the best option that you will find in the market in terms of quality and performance in sports glasses: Our brand of sports optics Uller. All its models are endowed with great ergonomics, which encourages them to fit perfectly to the facial contour, ensuring their stability during the usual movements of the sports discipline. In addition, our collection of sports glasses has interchangeable lenses, one can be used on sunny days and the other on days with bad conditions. Both lenses have UV400 protection.

gafas deportivas

Sets for sports

Our mothers are athletes, yes, and flirtatious? Well too. One of the good things about sport is that it doesn't leave aesthetics out. It also follows trends. Therefore, if you give your mother a sports top with matching leggings to do yoga or go for a run, she will thank you and she will feel even more motivated to practice the activities that she likes the most.

If your mom snows or skis, there are a variety of spectacular outfits, overalls, and lounging boots, designed with cuts, finishes, and color combinations that will make your mom want to live on a ski slope and get out dressed to the streets with her team every day. The baggy and fat ski pants we used to wear are no longer in use, and leisure boots are now the fashionable footwear. It's May and now your mom won't be able to use her new ski equipment, but time is passing fast and before you know it, you'll be riding a chairlift!

Accompany this set with some glasses for skiing or snowboarding. In our sports optics brand Uller we have different collections and models of ski and Snow goggles, some polarized, others photochromic and even some with interchangeable lenses, made with the highest quality materials and that have benefits difficult to find today in the market. In addition to adapting to the face, integrating into any type of helmet, fully securing and protecting the eyes and avoiding any type of eye injury that could occur due to the sun or impacts while practicing sports, these glasses are designed with exquisite taste. and spectacular colors. They are large, showy and very visual, but simple, minimalist and sober. They emanate such an aura of elegance that for more than one and more than two seasons, the ski slopes have been full of Uller goggles.


Yes, on the other hand, if your mother practices cycling, buy her some cycling tights that can be a good option. Not only can you wear them to go on the bike, but you can also give them a double use: you can wear them to go around the city and they will not attract attention or cause stupefied looks, since this season cyclist pants are a trend , combined with sneakers, an oversize top or shirt and a jacket. If you are practical and want to surprise your mother with a double gift, don't think twice and choose to buy her some cycling tights. We recommend that they be black so that you can combine it with the rest of your clothes, whether they are sporty or not! And if what you need are sports glasses, then let that be the gift. You can give it to them as a complement to gifts that you had already thought of or give them by themselves, the collections available on our website are really cool, don't miss them!

Another idea is to get your mother some running shoes, if they can go together with the rest of the clothes, even better! Keep in mind that there are a wide variety of models and types of shoes, each one will adjust to the type of route or race. Also think about whether you need training shoes, which are the most common and have enough cushioning, are sufficiently protected and equipped with different reinforcements. They are designed to last a long period of time, or if, on the other hand, you are looking for mixed shoes, which, in case you don't know, are those that are used for both training and competition. They are lighter than training shoes and are more prone to wear. They are more oriented to a type of runner who trains daily. Lastly, if your mother is a level athlete and competes, then buy her some competition shoes! Characterized by their low durability and protection and with minimal cushioning to protect the foot, and add some sunglasses or sports glasses to complement your gift.



We know that, although your mother does not stop quietly and loves the life of outdoor sports and in good company, we are sure that she also likes to have her zen moments and sit on the sofa, next to the window with a cup of tea and a good book to accompany you for a few hours. We offer you some ideas for books that can be good for you if you are a sports lover and always thirsty to learn a little more:

“Run or die” (Kilian Jornet). Your mom is competitive, right? So this is her book. Kilian Jornet, the current skyrunning champion, managed to overcome one of the toughest physical tests that exists: he went up and down Kilimanjaro with speed and time records. This book represents his story of strength and overcoming. It provides the necessary keys to compete and, above all, win.

“The Cyclist” (Tim Krabbé) The Cyclist is the story of a race, the Tour du Mont Aigoual, narrated by one of its participants, Tim Krabbé. This novel is also an emotional tribute to a unique sport and its great figures. The brilliance of the narration, which intensely conveys the agonizing nature of cycling, and the beauty of the homage it pays to suffering, make The Cyclist a true milestone that has been hailed as an extraordinary book since its publication. original.

“Running and living” (Emelie Forsberg) An inspirational work to learn the keys to skyrunning and the best advice for healthy eating and lifestyle habits. This autobiographical book is both a sports guide and a personal development manual. It is the testimony of a woman who shares her love for nature, for everyday happiness in the mountains and for the secrets of her body. It is an invitation to do yoga in the garden, cook the garden resources, eat healthy and run better.



Doing sports in the open air is ideal, but sometimes due to lack of time, surely your mother cannot dedicate entire afternoons or mornings to training outside the home. Therefore, having equipment to do sports at home that can serve as a complement when life goes faster than us:

  • Mat / mat: It is important that your mother trains her body on a firm base and that she adjusts to the exercises that she is going to perform to avoid injuries caused by bad postures or unstable relief. Make sure the mat is the right thickness, and whether or not your mom will be using it for yoga. Also if you want to take it to the gym or if you think you will only use it to train from home. The great Yoga instructor Xuan Lan Yoga and conscious training, dedicates a complete article on her blog to the correct choice of a yoga mat.
  • Fit Ball: A large plastic ball, usually light blue or green, apparently does not seem like the most demanding material in terms of sports practice; but let's not underestimate this product, since it has a lot of potential in terms of working on the abdomen, balance and elasticity. Your mother will also be able to relax with this ball and read or watch TV on it, as it favors the correct posture of the back.
  • Roller to do abs: If your mother is a lover of marked and defined abs, and no longer knows what routine to continue practicing that will tire her and notice that she continues to improve, buy her a roller to do abs. The material is somewhat more complicated to learn to use, since you have to maintain a very specific body posture and the exercise may be a bit different from what you have practiced up to now. The best part? You can always stretch your arms a little more, hold a little more in suspension, tighten your core a little more... With this material you can always improve!
  • AirPods: Probably the best invention in centuries. Goodbye cables, goodbye tangles in your pocket, goodbye having to run with your mobile in your hand because if not, your headphones won't reach your ears. Listening to music now is like putting on earrings. You put two headphones in your ears and you don't feel any discomfort around you. This supplement has revolutionized the world in general, but sports in particular. It has brought comfort and has made cycling, running, skiing... sports in which you can listen to music in a much more dynamic and safe way. If your mom still doesn't have them... That and some sunglasses would be a great gift!

If you are more of a gift of experiences than material objects, we suggest some fun plans that you can do with your mother, even more knowing that she loves to play sports and be surrounded by nature! If you have never done a via ferrata, now is the time. If you have already lived the experience, what are you waiting for to repeat it? It is worth doing these routes that are halfway between mountain hiking and climbing anywhere in Spain, however, the best place to do it can be found in Álava, on the Sobrón route, on the banks of the Ebro river. This route has a 100% horizontal route and is 550 meters long. Make sure your mom isn't afraid of heights before you book!

If your mother likes cycling and good wine, this plan is for her: Wine route around the Sierra de Cantabria. This cycling route extends through Álava, La Rioja, Navarra and part of Burgos. In addition to pedaling surrounded by the vegetation, fertility and continuous green so characteristic of these areas of Spain, you will go through fields full of vineyards and heritage jewels that were built next to quiet towns that were dedicated to the culture of wine. You will have to make a few stops to rest and regain your strength, because this route is almost 100 kilometers long. We hope that both you and your mother are fit for this adventure!

Have you been to Mundaka beach? You should not visit it just for the potential it has for surfing and windsurfing, but for the colors that decorate the place, which seem to have been delicately washed at any time of the day, the shape of the rocks that surround its waters, with the mount in front and in the distance you can sense the shape of a hermitage. If your mother is a lover of water sports and knows how to appreciate and appreciate a good landscape, do not hesitate to take her to Mundaka, in the Basque Country. It will be impossible for you not to hit the right mark with any of the gifts that we have left you in the article... now you just need to know which one will make you the most excited!

At Uller we hope you have a magical day and that your mother feels more special than ever. An experience and a sports complement for your mother who loves nature and sports will undoubtedly be a spectacular gift! Go ahead and see the options of caps, sunglasses, sports glasses and ski masks that we have for you. You won't regret it!