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Lucia Pombo matrimonio pedida de mano lucia pombo se casa uller máscaras de esquí



We all know that there are certain things that soften our hearts and make us release oxytocin. We believe that one of them is snow. For this reason, every day it is more fashionable that the hand requests are made in ski resorts, between the mountains and with an environment dyed in white that makes you say yes I do. without thinking!

Can you imagine taking the ring out on a chairlift? Well, maybe that could be considered a trap but. And in the middle of nature or on the peak of a mountain before descending your skis down it? If this isn't too romantic for you and you like movie stories, stay and find out more about proposals in the snow.

bodas pedida de mano nieve

For those who are not nervous about risk, the black slopes of Zermatt in Switzerland will be one of the most romantic places to propose and end up skiing the incredible Swiss slopes. In addition, the streets of this town are a dream, they seem to be taken from a Christmas story. You can end your romantic experience with a dinner at the restaurant Findlerhof at 2051 meters of altitude.

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And it is going to be in these same Swiss Alps where, after a decade of relationship, the DJ Laurens van Leeuwen proposed to the model Romee Strijd. This DJ took care of all the preparations to take the yes I do and combined the request with music, roses, champagne and a top breakfast.

Pedidas de matrimonio en la nieve máscaras de esquí uller

On the other hand, it is not necessary for us to travel so far to make a romantic proposal since in the Peninsula itself we have wonderful hotels that can give you a stay where the setting will be perfect to take out the ring. If not, tell Lucia Pombo, the older sister of María Pombo, that after a day enjoying the ski slopes, when she arrived at the hotel, she and her fiancé sat down to enjoy the views from the hotel. Then Álvaro López Huerta took out his ring asking him the question that we all already know. According to what Lucia tells us: “she sat down with me to enjoy the views we had from the room, which were spectacular. Suddenly the song Lucía, sung by Rosario, rang out, and he steeled himself".

Lucia Pombo matrimonio pedida de mano lucia pombo se casa uller máscaras de esquí

From snow slopes to ice skating rinks. Another of the most classic places where marriage proposals have been made have been the ice skating rinks. A very Christmassy and romantic place where no one could resist saying yes.

In fact, one of the most popular places to propose is on the ice rink at Rockeffeller Center in New York. If you ever go to the Big Apple and skate on the ice rink, don't be surprised if you see someone kneeling down: it's common.

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Another of the most idyllic places in the world are the northern lights of cold Finland. We recommend that you spend several days in this country because the wonderful northern lights do not always appear, but they usually occur in the season between September and April. On the other hand, Iceland is also a place where we can enjoy these impressive settings. If you go, you cannot miss Landmannalaugar, a natural area with geothermal baths. A place where you can enjoy a unique and intimate atmosphere for that special moment that you will remember all your life.

This is how the American singer Alexander DeLeon did it to his girlfriend, the 25-year-old Danish model Joshepine Skriver who posted it on her Instagram as it was wait. The setting of the request was clearly a love story with a bonfire lit next to a frozen lake with hot chocolate and the moon in the background. As expected, she said yes.

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Can you imagine saying yes in an igloo? This is what happened to Heidi Klum and her ex-partner Seal. When the couple was traveling by helicopter over English Columbia, the singer had an igloo built at an altitude of more than 14,000 meters where he asked the German model to marry him.


Although we always choose dates where good weather prevails to celebrate most important events, there are those who prefer to take risks and be the most original. There are more and more weddings in winter in places where the snow brings you to the heels. And it is that the snow as a decoration in the photographs looks wonderful. Not only the snow in the mountains will make your wedding memories unique, but also the different and unique light that we can find in nature.

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When the decoration of the wedding takes place in winter, you have the possibility of giving it a more Christmassy atmosphere, something that never fails and that most people like. You can create a very cozy room for the wedding meal by adding lamps, garlands of light bulbs, candles or sconces. A warm place where your guests feel at home within the splendor of a wedding.

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In addition, when you want to have such an original wedding, you will have more availability on the dates and in the places where you want to celebrate the ceremony.

There are also wedding and groom suits specialized in this time of year that combine fashion with the cold of winter. As for the groom, the suit will not change much except that the fabric of the suit will be a little thicker than if the wedding took place in spring. However, the style of women at weddings can vary greatly. The most typical is a dress with long sleeves that are elegant and stylize the figure. In addition, you have the possibility of adding any type of accessory from leather jackets to gloves.

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As you can see, there are thousands of options to make your proposal and your wedding original. If your passion and that of your partner is snow, we don't know what you are waiting for to say: I do!

matrimonio en la nieve lucía pombo uller máscaras de esquí