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las mejores gafas deportivas para correr


This is how the best sports glasses for running should be!

Indispensable when you practice Running and Trekking.

Outdoor sports are extremely liberating for the body and spirit. They give us a feeling of freedom that is definitely not achieved indoors.

And now that we are all eager to go out again for the summer adventure, we must not forget that the weather should always be a factor to consider when we go walking, jogging or running, as well as trekking or hiking (hiking), which are sports in which you can even spend several days touring mountainous locations.

Physical and psychological preparation for this type of activity is essential, as is equipping ourselves with the necessary resources. We must have specialized sports shoes, the most appropriate clothing, and also go with the sports glasses for running that best suits us according to the type of activity we do and the time of year in which we do it.

Not just any pair of sunglasses is suitable for this type of outdoor activity, it is best to wear quality sports glasses that fit our face well and stay there in the face of any maneuver we perform.

Whether you are simply going for a walk and jogging, or you are proposing a more challenging activity such as hiking or hiking, keep in mind that the sun will shine for everyone and ultraviolet rays are a reason for caution and care. In addition, excessive brightness and light can affect your good performance and it is best to prevent this from happening.

las mejores gafas deportivas para correr


  • SUN PROTECTION: The most essential thing is that your sports glasses for running have adequate protection against the sun's rays. You must observe very well that it indicates by means of a sticker or certificate that they have UV-400 protection, so that UVA and UVB rays do not pass through the crystals and penetrate into your eyes.
  • QUALITY: Buy quality sports glasses. This will not necessarily mean that they are more expensive, but that they meet the necessary characteristics to take on the sporting challenge. Take into account the cost-quality ratio before making any purchase, and you will see that you get the sports glasses for running that you need within your budget.
  • COMFORTABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT AND RESISTANT: Your sports glasses for running should be comfortable and made with lightweight materials. They should support you to achieve your sporting goal, not delay you, which is why it is essential that you choose models that are made of light, comfortable and resistant materials such as the latest polymers. For example, TR90, which is more elastic, resistant to high pressure, temperatures and shock than other materials.
  • GOOD FIT: Your running glasses should fit your face very well and cover your eyes very well. Wearing sports glasses for running shouldn't cause discomfort, so if they adapt well to your face you won't have to rearrange them during your journey. Also, if they are well adjusted and comfortable they will not interrupt your peripheral vision, rather they will help you to better visualize the road ahead and your surroundings.

las mejores gafas deportivas para correr

  • ANTI-SWEAT: Your sports glasses for running must have protection mechanisms against excess sweating, so sweat will not bother you during the journey.
  • INTERCHANGEABLE LENSES: Choose sports glasses for running with interchangeable lenses. It is important to understand that each type of lens is different. The weather and light conditions directly affect the choice of the correct lens. Knowing that weather and light conditions are largely unpredictable, it's best to opt for running glasses that can be quickly swapped out for more suitable lenses with the necessary grade so your vision isn't compromised.
  • CORRECT COLOR: Buy running glasses in the right color. If you go running, jogging, walking, trekking or hiking on cloudy days, it is best to choose sports glasses with clear, yellow and orange lenses; If you go on sunny days wear glasses with blue, purple, green and dark gray lenses.
  • ADJUSTABLE: Choose sunglasses for running sports that are adjustable. They have an interior frame to place corrective lenses if you have any visual condition. Nothing should interrupt your vision when you leave the house to exercise.
  • PROTECTORS: Think about the place where you will run with your sports glasses . They must be prepared to withstand the weather, dust, branches, insects, water, sand or stones, some of the obstacles that we could find and the running glasses must protect us from that.

las mejores gafas deportivas para correr

Consider having more than one pair of running glasses in the house. Not all lenses in your sports sunglasses have the same functions. We don't always go running in the same conditions, and therefore having a single pair of running sunglasses will not be enough. Having more than one pair of glasses at home that you can choose to wear will be the most ideal, because you will be in control of the situation.

Don't forget that the important thing is that you feel comfortable and protected when practicing these outdoor sports. That is why we recommend that you follow these tips the next time you choose your next sports glasses for running!