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las mejores gafas deportivas 2021


The best sports glasses 2021 | Uller® BOLT Sports Glasses!

Within sports fashion at Uller® we do not want to be left behind and we want to continue offering our freeriders and professional athletes the perfect complement for any outdoor sporting activity. For this reason, our team of designers and lovers of adventure, continue working every day to bring the latest trends in sports glasses, at the same time that we safeguard the quality and optimum features that we have been doing at Uller® since our first launches, and this year they are considered the best sports glasses 2021.

This time we want to present you some sports glasses very special that they are made by and for those athletes who are not afraid of anything: the new collection of sports glasses for running, cycling, skiing, or practicing any sport ULLER BOLT; the best sunglasses.

These are sports glasses where the lenses are also interchangeable. When buying your ULLER BOLT sports glasses you will find two different lenses: one for sunny days and another for other days with bad weather conditions. In this way, you will have your eyes and sight protected at all times. These are unique and exclusive models designed for the quality and comfort of all our athletes who want to enjoy the activity they practice to the fullest... Do you want to know more about our new ULLER BOLT sports glasses?

From Uller® we always seek that our sports glasses touch perfection while giving fashion the importance it deserves in the world of sport and mountains. These sports glasses are fully adapted to the needs of our professional athletes, who we know want to always be ready for action while protecting their lives from possible risks in sports!

The way Uller® works is effective and always gives good results. Firstly, the product is experimented with, collecting all the necessary information to carry out the design and it is from there that all the necessary adaptations are made to meet the highest demands of our sports shoes. From this important work, the most optimal result that we are looking for is finally obtained. It is now when we want you to be the one who tests our sports glasses Uller® BOLT, without a doubt without the best sunglasses 2021.

gafas deportivas


All of our sports glasses are made with the best materials on the market to meet the highest demands placed on them by elite and high-performance athletes . They are also adjustable sports glasses thanks to the small internal frame they have, which is suitable for putting on corrective lenses if necessary. Also, these sports glasses are completely unisex. What does this mean? That these sports glasses are suitable for both men and women and adapt perfectly to the contours of your face. In this way, you will always be able to have all the possible agility that your sports discipline demands. Our Uller® BOLT sports glasses contain one main lens: UV400 Protection CAT .3, designed to protect your eyes on those sunny days. Likewise, also for the cloudiest days and with less light! Sports glasses contain a secondary lens: UV400 Protection CAT.1 Without a doubt, its frame made of TR90 provides maximum lightness and resistance in any sport, be it skiing, ultratrail, windsurfing...


With the aim of always satisfying the needs of our athletes and freeriders, our Uller® BOLT sports glasses come together with all the following accessories and accessories designed for the enjoyment and preservation of the product:

- Frame in TR90

- Lens for sunny days CAT.3

- Lens for cloudy days CAT.1

- Inner frame to put prescription lenses

- Transport case with spaces to store the lenses.

- Microfiber case included with which you can store your glasses and also clean the lenses

- Microfiber cloth to clean the lenses.

- Stickers included Supplied in a box with excellent presentation.

The Uller® sports glasses are recognized in more than 30 countries for their high quality at a very low price, which is why we want you to be You yourself who put them to the test in your favorite sports and extreme activities. Do you want to know in which sports you can use your sports sunglasses?

- Running: sports glasses are essential for any run, not only for protecting our eyes from the weather that day, but also because they protect vision from dust and the annoying dryness of the environment.

- Cycling: it is one of the most versatile sports that exist and at Uller® we know perfectly well that depending on the route, the weather and the season of the year, your sports glasses will need to be versatile and adapt to each circumstance. Our Uller® BOLT sports glasses are perfectly suited to any type of situation.

- Skiing and snowboarding: not only can you use ski masks when you practice these snow sports, but also sports glasses can be a good option if you are looking for a lighter and more comfortable accessory. Many riders prefer them!

- Hiking, trekking or other mountain sports: depending on the time of day in which we find ourselves, our eyes will need more or less protection. This modality in the mountains also requires good sports glasses depending on the weather”

- Surf: water reflects the sun's rays in a way that can be harmful to your eyes. Try doing it with good sports glasses to protect and avoid damaging your eyesight!

- Tennis and paddle tennis: if you are a racket sports lover, you will also know that you always look at the sky and that the courts also tend to generate dust that reaches the eyes. Good sports glasses, light like the Uller® BOLT will help you perfectly practice your favorite sport avoiding the possibility of damaging your eyesight, especially due to the premium technology of which they are made.

gafas deportivas premium

For all these reasons, the Uller® team invites you to try our sports glasses and experience for yourself their comfort and lightness at when it comes to protecting your eyes while practicing sports but accompanying you at all times helping you to enjoy the experience. Go ahead and try our Uller® BOLT sports glasses!