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gafas de nieve uller temporada de esqui


Get your snow goggles ready The seasons are reopening!

Are you dying to grab your ski clothes, your favorite snow goggles, call a couple of friends, grab the car, and spend a few days immersed in sports and nature?
We have news for you. And they are good, just the ones you were waiting for. More than half of the slopes in Spain, Andorra and the French Pyrenees have given a date to open the ski slopes and their respective lifts. Since autumn began, we have already had four large snowfalls in the highest points of the country, something that has not been remembered for years, so it seems certain that we will be able to ski in mid-November, as long as the epidemiological situation allows it.
Security, tranquility and confidence are the three premises that the Spanish and neighboring ski resorts want to launch to visitors for the next snow season, with the aim that neither your skis, nor snowboard, nor snow goggles, nor all that new material that you want to buy this year this ski season and we can enjoy a winter full of skiing and snowboarding, nevertheless always taking the necessary and recommended precautions by the health authorities. That is what it is.

gafas de nieve uller temporada esqui

Do you want to know which ski resorts already have a date set for their next opening?

A large number of ski resorts have already advanced that they will open their doors as soon as possible. How glad we are to hear that! The Cerdanya resort has advanced that it will launch the ski season 2020/2021 at the beginning of November, as soon as possible. Last winter this center already managed to be one of the first to open its doors and this winter it aims to do so again. However, other stations have joined the race, such as the tracks of the Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya.

Likewise, Sierra Nevada, Vallnord Pal Arinsal, Valgrande – Pajares, Fuentes de Invierno, Cauterests and Les Angles, among others, decide to start their ski season at the end of December, around to the 21st of this month.

How exciting it has been to see the first riders enjoying their favorite sport in some stations of the country! The great Baqueira Neret, Ordino Arcalis, and Saint Lary have already opened their doors on December 11, since the government of their Autonomous Community has really given these stations the green light to take off the season of ski.
On the contrary, places like Astún, Aramón Formigal, Aramón Panticosa, Puerto de Navacerrada, Valdesquí have had to wait even longer for the Government of their Autonomous Community to give them the opportunity to open always respecting the security measures. hygiene and safety. Fortunately, on the 23rd of this month they will open their doors! The heavy snowfalls that have fallen in recent weeks have given hope to the seasons and have prepared everything so that we can enjoy the snow with more enthusiasm than ever.
The ski resorts have been developing a specific protocol for weeks to be able to reopen safely, which takes into account the actions of the sector worldwide and whose objective is to guarantee a safe ski season for both customers , workers and companies involved in the development of the winter campaign. The mountain ski resorts will pay great attention to different aspects to prevent the spread of the virus in their facilities so that at the same time we can return with the same desire, or more if possible, to enjoy the sport in the snow after this long year of comings and goings regarding the situation of the pandemic in our country is concerned.

gafas de nieve uller temporada esqui

Among the measures that are being heard to reduce personal contact by different ski centers, one of the most famous is that riding in the trailers will require a face covering that complies with the instructions of the Ministry of Health regarding the use of masks, the use of which will be mandatory, together with the corresponding snow goggles in order to keep the face free from any type of exposure, both for skiers and snowboarders. From this moment on, your snow goggles will no longer only be important for protecting your eyes from light or wind and weather, but they will also be an essential material to also protect yourself against the virus. In such a way that, this ski season more than ever, it is essential that you choose snow goggles with high technical features, which in addition to ensuring good performance and mobility, adapt to your needs and protect your eyes, yourself, from others.

Regarding the safety distance in ski lifts, the resorts indicate that this already occurs "naturally" due to the length of the skis and snowboards. However, all these ski resorts are requested to manage the waiting areas beforehand so that once the ports have opened their doors, a constant and adequate flow can be guaranteed for the traffic of athletes who want to go down the mountain.
In order to improve the skiers' experience, this summer significant investments have been made in the different facilities: new slopes to reduce the density of skiers on the descents, snow cannons, new ski lifts, and improvements in family spaces to continue offering an idyllic space for recreation and rest while respecting the safety distance.

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The ski associations defend that this sport is one of the safest that can be practiced today. On the one hand, there are no crowds, and on the other, there is no pollution and both skiing and snowboarding are done outdoors. Its practitioners have their hands covered with gloves and their eyes protected with snow goggles, while physical contact or proximity between skiers is infrequent or non-existent. Also, in lifts, due to their own inertia, the air goes backwards and there is approximately a distance of 15 meters between one and the other.

It seems clear that both the clothing and the characteristics of this sport attribute to making skiing and snowboarding a safe activity in these times, what are you waiting for to prepare all your material and look for that weekend? getaway week to your favorite ski resorts? Remember that to go on ski trips you should always be very prepared for low temperatures, with the necessary equipment and appropriate clothing. Due to the situation we are in right now, we recommend that you preferably purchase your own equipment instead of renting it, due to the risk of contagion that this may entail.

gafas de nieve uller temporada esqui

Now that we have confirmation from most of the ski resorts on the national scene about their opening, don't hesitate and start preparing to enjoy sport, fun and adrenaline for another year!