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Máscaras de esquí lentes intercambiables


Discover THE WALL Our new collection of ski goggles!

In sports fashion, no one can be left behind, and at Uller® we are aware of this. For this reason, our team of designers and passionate about freeride, mountain sports and true adventure, continue to work every day to bring the latest trends in ski goggles while safeguarding the quality and optimal performance that we come doing in Uller® since our first launches. On this occasion we present the new collection of ski goggles made by and for those intrepid mountaineers who are not afraid of anything: the new collection of ski goggles “THE WALL”; These are four unique and exclusive models of goggles with an x-polar interchangeable magnetic lens designed for the quality and comfort of skiers and snowboarders who want to reach the limit of the mountain... Do you want to know more about our new ski goggles "The Wall"? ”?

From Uller® we always seek perfection in our ski and sports goggles while giving fashion the importance it deserves in the world of skiing sports. mountain. Our glasses are fully adapted to the needs of our professional athletes and freeriders, who we know want to be truly ready for action!

How do you know, the way in which our team Uller® brings ski goggles to the market is firstly by collecting all the necessary information to carry out the design and from there, make the necessary adaptations to meet the highest demands of athletes. After all this hard work, we finally got the most optimal result we were looking for, and now we want you to put us to the test yourself!

Mascaras de esqui Uller The Wall lentes magnéticas intercambiables


Why is the new collection of ski goggles ULLER THE WALL® made for you?

The models in our collection ULLER THE WALL® include the magnetic lens exchange system. A system that allows you to change lenses at any time, depending on the weather conditions at a given time. Quick, simple and comfortable! This is thanks to the magnets that we have incorporated, in addition to the anchoring of the lens to the frame being done in an extremely simple way. Imagine being able to change lenses in just 2 seconds of time!!

Lentes magnéticas intercambiables

Includes TWO different LENSES that you can interchange according to your needs in the action:

  • Main lens in Category 3, perfect for sunny days.

Lentes en categoria 3

  • Secondary lens in Category 1 for days with low visibility and bad conditions.

Lentes en categoria 1

Máscaras de esqui Lentes magnéticas intercambiables


Our collection of ULLER THE WALL® ski goggles is made with the most advanced optical technology in the world! With our High Tech Performance Optics X-POLAR lenses we achieve definition and clarity above normal that allow riders to better appreciate their surroundings with contrast ideal and spectacular color. Its great sharpness manages to increase the contrast and authentic fidelity of the colors, thus improving the vision of the surroundings and the relief.

At Uller® we have the most advanced optical technology in the world. For this reason our freeriders start with us and always decide to stay. This is thanks to our High Tech Performance Optics X-POLAR, with which we achieve an above-average definition and clarity of vision, which allows us to find a spectacular contrast and color in the lens of the glasses.

Máscaras de esqui Lentes magnéticas intercambiables

Our model of ULLER THE WALL® ski goggles made by our High Tech Performance Optics X-POLAR team includes the magnetic lens exchange system. This innovative system allows you to easily and quickly change the lens at any time when the weather conditions of the mountain require it.

It is thanks to the images that they have, the anchoring of the lens to the frame, the way in which it is extremely simple to change the lenses in only two seconds. In the box we include two different lenses:

  • Main lens in Category 3, perfect for sunny days
  • Secondary lens in Category 1 for days with low visibility and bad conditions.

Tecnologia óptica x-polar


Likewise, the ULLER THE WALL® ski goggles are made with the best materials to achieve greater resistance and hardness against any type of impact. These are ski masks whose size allows them to be classified as unisex, since they are used by both our male and female riders! The X-POLAR lenses that contain a Dual Layer AntyFog double layer system help us avoid the fogging that bothers us on the mountain, while protecting our eyes with protection from ultraviolet radiation. And this always while offering the comfort and lightness that we know our riders need!


Our Uller® team attaches the utmost importance to carrying out hard work to bring our ski goggles a specialized ventilation system that serves our riders at all times on the mountain. The correct air circulation that we find in the Uller® “The Wall” ski goggles allows us to achieve comfort and lightness like no other on the market. Our ventilation system reduces the sensation of heat and therefore decreases the possibility of sweating on the face, since the ski goggles have lateral and frontal ventilation with the aim of faster and more direct air circulation. Not to mention the layer of foam that we have between the lens and the surface of the face, which provides comfort and complete adjustment with the mission that our eyes are favored in all practice that we do in the mountains.

And as if that were not enough... Forget about fogging with our new ski goggles ULLER THE WALL® ! Your Antifog treatment makes the hottest days, or during a rising aerobic activity, the ski mask reduces fogging caused by the difference in temperature between the outside and inside. Therefore, our riders feel totally comfortable to carry out any type of activity thanks to:

  • Double lens (dual layer) with UV-400 protection
  • Antifog treatment (anti-fog)
  • Vents

Máscaras de esqui Lentes magnéticas intercambiablesSKI MASKS WITH TAPE WITH ANTI-SLIP ADJUSTMENT

Of course, we cannot forget a great detail of our ski goggles. The tapes! In the collection of ski goggles ULLER THE WALL® we have also focused on including anti-slip and adjustable adjustment straps ideal for all types of head and face, with the aim that the ski goggles stay firm without the possibility of slipping. In addition, they are also compatible with any type of helmet with which our riders or professional sportsmen carry out the activity!

Gafas de esqui y snowboard para freeriders The Wall Blue / Red - Mascaras de ski y Gafas de Ventisca para hombre y mujer

Lentes magnéticas intercambiables


Our collection of ski goggles ULLER THE WALL® are created by and for freeriders. Always with the highest technical features to guarantee the best performance and maximum reliability in the most extreme conditions during Freeride practice. All of our ski goggle designs are designed for the needs that our team of freeriders demand from the product, both in terms of materials and comfort. And you, do you dare to try our new collection and truly enjoy the technical benefits we offer? Always designed for our freeriders at heart, with the desire to return to the mountains!

Uller® is the official brand sponsor of: Grupo Aramon (Formigal, Panticosa, Cerler, Javalambre and Valdelinares), Astún, Altitude HeliSki Aragón, Whistler Wander, Boi Taüll and El Dorado Freeride.