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Optical fashion The ideal gift to give in Kings!


The festivities are almost coming to an end, but we cannot forget next January 6 where we celebrate Three Kings Day with joy. Date where the magic, the illusion and the gifts in short, come back afloat.It is the opportunity to give that special person the best gift. In fact, one of the best ideas is to give sports optical fashion if the passion goes towards sports!! Ski masks, sunglasses, and sports glasses are the gift trends in 2021.

It is that opportunity to give that special someone the best gift, and without a doubt an incredible gift this year is optical fashion: sunglasses, ski masks and sports glasses. The illusion of sport is more booming than ever this year 2021, and it is no surprise to anyone that after a year as atypical as 20202 was, we want to immerse ourselves and delve into the most extreme adventures in the mountains, snow, asphalt and the sea, and that will undoubtedly require the best protection that optical fashion can offer, especially if it has the best design and the best quality, don't you think? That is why at Uller® we want to give you the most original options and ideas that you can deliver on Three Kings Day.

regalar mascaras de nieve


What better gift than one that allows you to live unique experiences with your friends and/or family? We bring you the perfect proposal for snow lovers: ski masks .At Uller® we are always aware of sports fashion trends, so we have a varied collection of specialized glasses for freeriders at heart .

Also, it never hurts to give away health and protection. Those who love skiing or snowboarding have it quite clear. Practicing these sports implies wearing the appropriate equipment and taking the necessary measures to enjoy this activity. The effects of snow on the eyes and vision can occur very quickly and almost without realizing it, that's why we recommend you give away only the best. We talk about caring for and protecting eyesight. Here are some gift ideas for this Three Kings Day:

regalar mascaras de nieve


Masks made with the most advanced optical technology in the world. It has High Tech Performance Optics X-POLAR lenses to achieve definition and clarity above normal, allowing riders to better appreciate their surroundings.

The ski goggles ULLER SNOWDRIFT® are models that include the magnetic lens exchange system, allowing you to change lenses at any time, according to the weather conditions at a certain time.

You not only give away adrenaline, but also comfort! What's cool?


The snow goggles you choose must always comply with ISO standards so that they correctly protect from solar radiation. It is also very important that they are certified by the CE and that they follow European safety standards.

Goggles should provide excellent vision to ensure better mobility and visual range. This is achieved if you buy glasses with high technical features that allow you to practice the sport even in the most extreme conditions.

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Once you decide to give pure adrenaline, be it to your partner, son, father, brother, etc. The question is that you also decide to make a good investment in a quality product, since we are talking about glasses that correctly protect your eyes and you have to be very careful when choosing. With this we do not suppose to make a high expense, but to acquire the ones that best adapt and meet the needs of the person you want to surprise.


There is currently a wide variety of ski goggles, with different standards, models and categories.It is important that you not only be guided by the model or color of the glasses. Yes... we know that they are all very cool, but you need to know about the operation of each model and/or color before making your purchase.

The glasses come with different categories of filters in the lenses, ranging from CAT 0 to CAT 4. These numbers mean how dark or light the lenses are, and also how much light absorption they provide. It is important to take into account that this is different from the absorption of radiation, whose protection comes from UV400 protection.

For example, CAT 0 is the one that absorbs the least, and you will notice because they are almost transparent, and CAT4 is the one that absorbs the most and they are darker in tone. The most frequently used are CAT 1 and CAT3, either for skiing or snowboarding.

regalar mascaras de nieveNow that you know a bit about lens categories, it's also important to consider:

  • Goggles with “antifog” or anti-fog system: This is to prevent them from fogging up during the activity.
  • Goggles that fit the face correctly: Note that the goggles have anti-slip adjustment straps to secure them well to the head and helmet.
  • Goggles with internal ventilation: They are glasses with anti-condensation technology that allow air recirculation and thus guarantee better visibility.
  • Glasses that are light: Look for glasses made of thermoplastic polyurethane material, which provides the highest quality and lightness.

Once you take all these details into account, you are ready to choose your gift and buy it. The recommendation is always to buy the glasses in physical stores or online stores that offer you quality options with the best standards, and above all the confidence to purchase your gift with ease.


Sport is healthy and we assure you that it will be a well-received gift. For those who already practiced a sport, or those who have proposed it for this new year, you can surprise them with a gift that they need or are looking forward to.

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At Uller® we offer a collection of sports glasses for running, cycling, skiing or practicing any other sport. The lenses are interchangeable and 2 different ones are included: one for sunny days and one for days with bad conditions. The glasses are adjustable thanks to the inner frame where corrective lenses can be placed.

The best? It is that they are sunglasses suitable for both men and women and they adapt perfectly to the contour of the face to have all the possible agility that sports discipline demands. You have the option of choosing different color combinations, depending on the one that best suits the style and personality of that person you want to give as a gift.


Without a doubt, children are the ones who are most excited about gifts and surprises. Well, they also deserve a good gift on Three Kings Day! It is important to think about gifts that are the best for them and those who can enjoy and get the most out of it in terms of fun: Ski goggles for children!

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Our collection of ski goggles for children has the best technology and the best protection.

  • CAT 3 category lenses for sunny and cloudy days-
  • X-POLAR lenses with Dual Layer AntiFog double layer system to prevent fogging with UV-400 protection
  • Internal ventilation system with anti-condensation for progressive air recirculation and guaranteeing the best possible visibility.
  • Anti-Slip Strap for a perfect fixation of the glasses to the helmet.
  • Frame made of extremely light thermoplastic polyurethane.

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Surely a gift that they will enjoy healthy and use many times! We hope you liked these original gift options to give on Three Kings Day. If you liked it, share it with your friends and take the opportunity to order your next gift. Do not forget to follow us on Instagram as @Uller_co to find out more products and benefits.