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Möet Winter Lounge Uller



The annual inauguration of the Moët terrace in Baqueira Beret takes place, taking advantage of the start of the ski season, on the Immaculate Bridge. In today's Uller article we come to tell you everything you didn't know about this reference site for the main personalities of the national and international scene.

Moët Winter Lounge Uller

Moët Winter Lounge is the quintessential après ski cocktail establishment, a place where those who value the best comforts and relaxation rub shoulders in the heights with a glass of champagne and select tapas. The warm and cozy wooden cabin in which it is located is located on the ski slopes, at an altitude of 1,850 meters. It can be accessed with the Jorge Jordana chairlift, on foot from the Orri car park or skiing from the Baqueria Beret station itself. On full moon nights, the Moët restaurant offers closed tasting and pairing menus with the different varieties of champagne they have, as well as a musical session by a selected DJ.

Moët Winter Lounge

Each year they attract influencers, especially from Madrid and Barcelona, ​​and maintain the tradition of naming those responsible for inaugurating the lounge. In 2013 the person in charge was Rafael Medina, in 2014 Tamara Falcó. Moët & Chandom is, deep down, in charge of bringing together media faces such as Macarena Gómez, with her partner, the parachute jumping instructor, Aldo Comas, Dafne Fernández with her boyfriend, the photographer Mario Chavarría and also Enrique Solís. The aesthetic display of this meeting involves taking the famous photo in the corners with sofas, on whose table Moët products shine. However, and although this is the favorite spot for celebrities, the place also displays some chairlifts and a mini container of mercantile transport transformed and decorated as if they were a small and cozy two-seater restaurant in the middle of the snow, thus making its visitors feel exclusivity. Other personalities such as the model María José Suárez or the aristocrat Fernando Martínez de Irujo have also enjoyed this beautiful landscape of Baqueira from this select place.

Famosos en Moët Baqueira Uller

This commitment to combining the bubbles of champagne and the cold of the mountains has been taking place in Baqueira Beret since 2010. Now, how did this merger happen? The Baqueira station itself launched a contest for the brands to propose the conversion into a bar-restaurant. The reality is that only Moët & Chandom was presented and, perhaps now, other brands are pulling their hair out for not having taken advantage of that situation. Moët is making the most of it, taking advantage of its potential in terms of location and landscape, because what a view! He has managed to introduce the luxury that this drink already promotes, putting it at the service of a sport that also lends itself to it, becoming a mandatory visit for the elite who ski in the valley. As if that were not enough, the expansion of its terrace and restaurant between 2019 and 2020 brought with it the decoration of new spaces, attracting even more people.

Moët Winter Lounge Baqueira Uller

In 2019 it was Paula Echevarría, Paula Ordovás, Alexandra Pereira or Pelayo Díaz who did not hesitate to score a pose to kick off the season, all of them matched with après ski clothing and boots in shades of red, navy blue and white. In keeping with the white seats and the decoration chosen by the firm, the snow itself and the honey color of the wood stood out. In short: the perfect cover of this select spot.

Influencers en Moët Uller

Marta Lozano Uller y Paula Echevarría Uller

As we have mentioned, Moët Winter Lounge has a restaurant area and a terrace area. This means that, when deciding what to order, the customer can have a wide variety of products. This select venue accepts reservations for dinner, both on weekdays and on weekends. The dining room has a long table, perfect for large groups of diners, as well as low tables in front of an idyllic fireplace. The result is a cozy corner where you can feel first-hand a careful treatment and the luxury of the best delicacies. Who wouldn't want to be able to enjoy something like this?

From here, we ask you the following question: are you ready to know exactly what the Moët Winter Lounge tasting menu consists of? Be careful, because our mouths are watering…

During evenings, this menu consists of starters, main course and dessert. The main chef in the kitchen of the Moët Winter Lounge is of La Mancha origin, specifically from Ciudad Real, and has many years of experience in different restaurants in the Valley behind him. He is so well known that he even goes by the name Jero, and his prestige as a chef is undoubtedly on a par with a place like this.


  • Iberian ham
  • Hake croquettes
  • Omelette
  • Tuna tataki
  • Caramelized foi toast
  • Marinated salmon cubes

Main course:

  • Grilled beef chop


  • Tart tatin
  • Frozen truffles by Oriol Balaguer

Menú degustación Moët Baqueira Uller

Now, let's talk about prices. The menu together with the bottle of Moët Imperial Brut costs approximately 100 euros per person. The difference with the terrace is that it is in this same one where you can enjoy a bottle of Dom Pérignon Vintage from 2002, whose price is 180 euros. The drinks, on the other hand, are at 9 euros, and the nacari caviar at 130 euros. Reality? That the youngest choose to accompany their glass of Champagne with potato omelette, Iberian ham and croquettes. After all, what is more Spanish than that? The musical setting usually has a DJ set, making the most chic terrace in all of Baqueira always full.

Imagine having dinner there after a day sliding down the slopes, when night comes and with it the moon. Let it be the moon itself that is reflected in the snow, while the starry sky forms the perfect landscape and you enjoy a glass of champagne... If you are already feeling like going and you want to start thinking about your outfit, in Uller we give you an idea so you can show off!

We present a trend that is not new: twinning, which is the tendency to dress like the family or friends with whom you go to a place. This word comes from when mothers wanted to dress their children the same regardless of how old they were. And it's still being done! It is not about imitating the exact style, but about dressing in a complementary way. This, for example, has been used by Victoria Beckham with her family for years on selected occasions. The image that results from this is undoubtedly worthy of magazine covers. So, for example, if you go with a friend whose jacket is patterned and yours is plain, it would be perfect if it was a color that is within the palette of her pattern or if they had the same striped pattern, that each one wear a colour.

Another example is that of the global influencer Chiara Ferragni in 2021. To debut the snow, each member of the family was dressed in a total look, each one in a color from the same range, offering a very beautiful, appetizing and fun color scheme. She wore a red coat, her youngest daughter a maroon jumpsuit and her eldest son an orange outfit. With this concept, a range of possibilities opens up before our eyes in very interesting color ranges.

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