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¡Estas son las ventajas de llevar gafas magnéticas para esquiar!


These are the advantages of wearing magnetic ski goggles!

Snow activities such as skiing and snowboarding are considered extreme sports that require good preparation and the best quality accessories and accessories to avoid any accident or mishap. If you are a professional skier you will have it quite clear, but be careful! those beginners or those who make their first visit to the snow, buying glasses just for fashion can be very dangerous when practicing this sport.

Direct exposure to sunlight and reflection from snow can cause serious eye damage. Our recommendation is that you always protect your eyes with ski goggles that support you and provide the necessary conditions to practice this sport and feel more free.

It is important to consider that weather conditions in areas with snow may vary from one moment to the next. This change can mean that your ski goggles become more or less dark than necessary. And for that, we have the best solution: Magnetic ski goggles!

Gafas magnéticas para esquiar

Use magnetic ski goggles interchangeable or removable, they will allow you to change the lens easily and comfortably when you need it most, perfectly adapting your vision to the sun and the luminosity with the lenses appropriate depending on its category.

It is an advantage for skiers because it solves one of the most common problems on the slopes. The magnetic glasses allow you to change the lenses in less than 2 seconds, a functional one for sunny days in CAT.3 and a clearer one for days of low visibility in CAT.1

Gafas magnéticas para esquiar


In other blog posts we have talked a bit about the differences between the categories of glasses that are most ideal to wear when practicing outdoor sports. This theory not only applies to sunglasses, but also to your ski goggles.

This is why freeriders themselves recommend wearing the latest optical technology that guarantees optimal definition and clarity above normal to find excellent color contrast.

Just imagine being able to detach and swap out your magnetic goggles for skiing in a couple of seconds! It is highly recommended that you include this detail in your next purchase of ski goggles. Only then will you be able to occupy your mind on what is in front of you: the adventure.


We leave you the basic recommendations to choose the best glasses for practicing snow sports:

  • Must have 100% UVA and UVB protection.
  • Opt for magnetic glasses with interchangeable lenses so that you can choose in a matter of seconds the most ideal lens for each type of weather and light.
  • The ski goggles you wear should offer you excellent optical clarity, as well as spherical vision to identify different snowy terrain when snowboarding or skiing. This will allow you to have a clear view of the slopes and reliefs.
  • Opt for light magnetic goggles with good anti-slip straps so that it fits well on your head and on your helmet.
  • Ensure ski goggles are CE approved, and comply with European safety standards.

Once you acquire the best glasses, you should not forget to give them proper maintenance and care so that they can last longer.

Gafas magnéticas snowboard


  • Use the cover supplied with the ski goggle to gently dry any remaining water.
  • Try not to dry or clean the glasses while they are damp or wet. Wait for the glasses to dry.
  • Shake off the remains of snow, do not try to remove the accumulated ice.
  • Allow glasses to dry for an extended period before storing.
  • Do not leave the glasses in areas of high heat or sun exposure.
  • Store the glasses in their corresponding case or cover.

Now that you know which are the most appropriate goggles and their proper maintenance, it is time to try the magnetic goggles for skiing.

gafas mageneticas intercambiables ventajasRemember! Always carry the right equipment when practicing any snow sport so that you feel free to enjoy yourself and feel the adrenaline rush!

Our ski and snowboard goggles are created by and for freeriders. What are you waiting for to buy your new magnetic ski goggles?