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Más allá de la Montaña Solo para freeriders


Freedom beyond the mountain... Inspiration and knowledge for true freeriders!

The feeling of freedom that the mountain gives can only be described by the true “free riders” at heart. The cold, the snow, the breeze and the fantastic views with which it delights us, are priceless. Mountain sports lovers, it's clear! The practice of all these disciplines are so exciting and at the same time comforting, demanding exercises that involve the whole body and improve resistance. The snow season is here and it is time to make the most of it with some of the most classic sports such as skiing and snowboarding, although this new year 2021 also invites you to practice other mountain sports, and find fun in outdoor activities. fresh air.

Freeriders know no limits! Adrenaline is the engine that pushes us to always say yes to adventures and new experiences. This is precisely the spirit that is needed when climbing the mountain. That is why mountain sports in winter are among the most extreme and preferred by freeriders. If what you are looking for this year is to take life to the extreme, pay attention to mountain sports that scream freedom!


Inspiration and knowledge for true freeriders!


Libertad en la Montaña Solo para freeriders

Surely you have already heard of this sport!

It is considered one of the most popular for winter competition. Alpine skiing consists of descending the mountains in the shortest possible time, following marked trails, with a duration timed to the hundredths of a second.

Although it is such a popular sport, many times we get confused when identifying the differences of the other modalities. Here are some features:

  • Alpine skiing is characterized by the heel of the boot being attached to the ski board.
  • For the use of mechanical means to ascend the mountain, which is where the descent begins.
  • Zigzag movements to achieve high speed and descend slopes as quickly as possible.

Within this discipline, you can also find different modalities:

  • Slalom

It is the alpine ski event with the largest number of gates, being very close to each other. The athlete has to make quick and short turns, since each one must be surrounded by the right or left alternately.

  • Giant Slalom

Another modality where the technique of turning is important. In this case, the gates are further apart than in Slalom.

  • Descent

It is the modality of alpine skiing with the highest speed and where the gates are usually very far apart.

  • Super Giant Slalom

Better known as Super-G. It is a test of speed, with more turns both long and medium, and more gates placed closer to each other.


Libertad en la Montaña Solo para freeriders

Snowboarding is one of the favorite extreme sports in the mountains!

Being able to slide and do stunts on a snow surface is one of the most desired sensations in winter. This sport, in addition to being fun, is also quite competitive, demanding a lot of dexterity and a sense of balance.

As you know, snowboarding is grouped into different categories, starting with freestyle, which encompasses the disciplines of halfpipe, big air and quarterpipe. Additionally, there are other forms of freeride that athletes also love: parallel slalom, boardercross and mountain snowboarding.

Whether skiing or snowboarding, you can feel true freedom in all its expression.

Do you already know the FREERIDE?

Libertad en la Montaña Solo para freeriders

Freeride in Spanish means “to ride free”. It is feeling complete freedom, without limits on the mountain, regardless of obstacles, slopes or any element that is around. It is enjoying pure nature, since it consists of skiing off the slopes, in areas of virgin snow and on dangerous slopes.

We know that adventure calls you, but it is very important to have previous experience and the necessary knowledge to enjoy this discipline and not get hurt.

In freeriding you are on the wild side of the mountain. For this reason, you must have a certain level of skiing or snowboarding to be able to slide down sides that are more complex than the slopes. You have to be able to master the sport.


And likewise, recognize the type of snow. There is crusty, blown, hard snow, powder, etc. We do not always find the same snow when skiing.

Powder snow is the best for off-piste, as it slides more easily and the skis steer better. It will not always be the case. Therefore, skiing on different types of snow will give you that experience, in the case of being in a place with different conditions.


It is advisable to always be accompanied when you are off-piste, in case something happens and you can help yourself. Freeriding is an extreme activity, and it is not without its risks. Protect yourself with the right equipment at least, it will be even more necessary to prevent and do it in a slightly safer way.

Make use of a helmet, goggles, arva and shovel. Last but not least, the risk of avalanches must be kept in mind, which is why it is necessary to be aware of the state of the snow, the inclination of the slope, calculate jumps and prevent as much as possible.

Since we know you are motivated by mountains and open trails, check out some of the best spots for freeriding:

  • La Grave, France

The French resort is considered one of the best freeride spots in all of the Alps. A place where you can only ski on the wilder side of the mountain.

  • Chamonix, France

We continue the tour in France. Right at the foot of Mont Blanc. It was the scene of the 2015 edition of the Freeride World Championship. It is considered an international benchmark for extreme sports.

  • Lofoten Islands, Norway

Located north of the Arctic Circle. It is a paradise for freeride lovers.

Libertad en la Montaña Solo para freeriders


Aymar Navarro (@aymar_navarro)

he is the only Spanish skier who has managed to reach the Freeride World Tour. In 2019 he was included in the TOP 10 athletes worldwide who master this discipline.

Candide Thovex (@candidethovex)

The Frenchman Candide Thovex is internationally famous in the world of freeride skiing. He is the only rider who has achieved, in addition to the Freeride World Tour, three gold medals in the X Games, in three modalities: Big Air, Superpipe and Slopestyle.

Ariana Tricomi (@ari_tricomi)

The Italian rider won the Freeride World Tour in the 2018 and 2019 editions. On his instagram you can find videos and photos of his tricks and freeride experiences.

Núria Castán (@nurcastan)

Spanish snowboard reference who has managed to enter the Freeride World Tour. He recently launched his new vlog where he tells curiosities about his day to day.

Xavier de Le Rue (@xavierdelerue)

The French rider that we will never tire of recommending. He has been able to win the Freeride World Tour for three consecutive years, and in addition to that, World Cups and X Games in Snowboard Cross. On his Instagram account, he has shown his role as a father, sharing photos and videos of his daughter. Do you need more reasons to follow him?


Libertad en la Montaña Solo para freeriders

Ice climbing is one of the most exciting activities to go to the mountains. This sport consists of ascending through natural terrain of mountains or icefalls. A lot of resistance is required, in addition to the appropriate material that allows the climber to advance on this type of surface. Being in very cold and icy areas, the difficulty and risks increase. For this reason, adventurers must go in good physical condition and with safety equipment to prevent any accidents or falls, in temperatures down to below zero.

If you dare to try it, here are some recommendations for incredible places to practice ice climbing:

  • Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers, New Zealand

It is the perfect place for those who want to start and if you also want to be accompanied by more professional colleagues. The place has professional guides to tour the glaciers with access by helicopter or ski planes.

  • Frankenstein, United States

A magical place to visit, ideal for training climbs as it offers ascents of all degrees and fairly safe ice. The most popular routes are Chia and Pegasus in the Amphitheater area, and Dropline and Dracula in the Dropline area.

  • Kandersteg, Switzerland

One of the best destinations for beginners in Europe, although it also offers climbs for experts. It features famous spots like Crack Baby, Blue Magic, and Black Nova.


All activities in the mountains require prior knowledge and preparation so that you can fully enjoy the sport and the adrenaline. We have an adventurous spirit and we feel a passion for sports like you, so we do not leave safety aside and we take into account everything necessary to practice mountain sports:

Necessary equipment: As we have already mentioned above, it is very important to have the necessary and adequate equipment to practice the sport that is chosen. Before going, check that you have all the equipment, and that they are in good condition.

Appropriate clothing: When going to areas exposed to very low temperatures, it is necessary to wear appropriate clothing for the sport so as not to suffer any complications or put your health at risk.

Physical condition: Once we take into account the sport to be performed, be sure to exercise and prepare yourself physically and psychologically for activities at low temperatures.

Follow the recommendations: Check before planning activities. Seek and listen to the recommendations of experts and follow the instructions of those with more experience in the field.

We hope this article has served as a guide for your next adventure in the mountains and to dare new challenges in 2021. Let nothing stop you freeriders! And for you, what does freedom mean?

Libertad en la Montaña Solo para freeriders