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Glasses for cyclists Get ready for the mountain bike!

Riding a bicycle is an activity that combines health, sport and leisure. cyclists, both beginners and advanced, enjoy the many benefits of cycling; Practicing this sport helps maintain a correct back posture and strengthen the muscles of the lower back. In addition, by not supporting the entire weight of the body, the wear of the knee cartilage is avoided.

In addition, a team from the University of Oxford investigated the impact that cycling outdoors had on the brain, concluding that, indeed, this sport improves brain performance and increases the mental speed of cyclists. Among the most practiced types of cycling, we highlight mountain biking and road cycling:

What is mountain biking or mountain biking?

Mountain biking or mountain biking is one of the most versatile sports that exist. There are different categories and modalities within this practice. We tell you about some of them:

  • Enduro: In an enduro race, the fastest person on the track wins. This route is carried out in the open field, having to overcome all kinds of natural obstacles.
  • Downhill: This modality is one of the most risky in the world. It consists of descending as quickly as possible a natural track with obstacles, which can be natural or artificial. The winner is the one who makes the descent in the shortest possible time.
  • Freeride: The modality of Freeride or freestyle consists of performing tricks and jumps on an unmarked course. The judges score the competitors based on the difficulty of their stunts.
  • Dual slalom: The objective of this practice is for two athletes to compete against each other and the one who finishes the route faster qualifies for the next round. The tracks that each one travels are a little different from each other, so they will both make the outward journey on one track and the return journey on the other track.

What is road cycling?

Road or road cycling is the easiest way to ride a bicycle. You set your pace, duration, intensity and type of route for each session.

gafas para ciclistas


Having the right equipment to ride a bike is essential to fully enjoy the sport. In today's article we are going to focus on cycling glasses; what are they for, the differences between road cycling goggles and mountain bike goggles or the different types of lenses and why interchangeable lenses are important.

Normally, mountain or road bike glasses are used for both for men and for women. In general, these designs are unisex and what is sought beyond aesthetics is to offer comfort, quality and safety while practicing sports.


The bike glasses are an essential material in the world of cyclists. They function as protectors from the sun's UVA rays, provide greater visibility, which will increase the probability that you will react better to an unforeseen event, protect against external factors such as wind, cold or vegetation that you may find in your route.

Both mountain bike goggles and road goggles also prevent the sensation of eyestrain and eye discomfort.

gafas para ciclistas


Sports eyewear lenses are made from polycarbonates that offer advantages over conventional organic lenses. They are lighter, have greater resistance to breakage, offer greater protection against ultraviolet rays and are less thick.

There are several types of lenses:

Monochrome lenses: Conventional lenses that base their sun protection on more or less opacity. In principle, its properties or its percentage of absorption do not vary depending on the luminosity. However, thanks to the development of technology, an extraordinary level of specialization has been achieved with high-contrast lenses adapted to the different environments in which they will be used.

  • Polarized lenses: This type of lens blocks reflected light, eliminates reflections generated from shiny surfaces such as water, snow, ice, asphalt, etc. In this way, glare due to reflections is avoided, improving vision and reducing eye fatigue.
  • Photochromic lenses: Photochromic lenses darken or lighten depending on the light they receive, although most activate their filter by the intensity of ultraviolet radiation and not by visible light.

gafas para ciclistas

All unisex sports glasses from our Uller® brand have two interchangeable lenses, one for sunny days and the other for bad days. The main interchangeable lens has a UV400 protection, and has a category 3. It is designed for sunny days. The secondary lens offers UV400 protection and belongs to category 1. Ideal for cloudy days. All approved sports glasses must indicate the sunscreen category of their lenses. There are four categories:

  • Category 0. They absorb between 0% and 19% of sunlight, the lens allows 100% of the light to enter. It is recommended for night cycling.
  • Category 1. Lenses in this category absorb between 20% and 56% of sunlight. In this way, between 80% and 43% of the light that falls on the lens reaches the eye. They are indicated for moderately cloudy days or shady environments and highly protected from the sun.
  • Category 2. They absorb between 57% and 81% of sunlight. It is the most used category for sports practice, especially in mountain biking.
  • Category 3.They absorb between 82% and 91% of the light and are recommended for situations with maximum luminosity.
  • Category 4. They absorb between 92% and 97% of sunlight and are only indicated for extreme light situations such as skiing or water sports.They are not suitable for driving and are not recommended for cycling.


Although on many occasions mountain bike goggles can serve us perfectly on a road route, and vice versa, it is important to know which ones are ideal for each moment. The main differences between the two reside in the type of lens and the type of frame of the bike glasses.

Depending on the type of lens: It is recommended to use polarized lenses in road cycling glasses since these are designed to be used in situations of extensive sun exposure and during days with lots of sun and few clouds on the road the exposure will be very high. On the other hand, photochromic lenses are recommended for Mountain Bike goggles since cyclists tend to pedal through forests and the type of light and exposure they receive alternates during their routes . Photochromic lenses are recommended in more changeable lighting conditions.

Depending on the type of frame: On the road, exposure to the wind and the search for aerodynamics is greater, so a wraparound visor frame for road routes may be ideal. As for mountain bike goggles, where movement is greater due to the type of terrain, two-lens goggles are recommended, which grip the head better than visor ones.

gafas para ciclistas


Uller's sports glasses are unisex, suitable for both men and women and adapt perfectly to the contours of your face so that you can enjoy all the agility that your sports discipline demands. The lenses are interchangeable and 2 different ones are included: one for sunny days and one for days with bad conditions. This complement will give you extra versatility and will increase your ability to adapt to changes in weather and light.

Although mountain bike goggles have been a trend in recent years, especially for women, it is very important that you include them as essential material on your routes, since they You will always have a plus of protection and prevention against possible complications that may arise while practicing this sport.