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Snowpark Formigal Uller



But well, now we are going to what interests us, because the truth is that yes, we can also find several snowparks to get out of the monotony and do a little freestyle. What's more, in 2020 Panticosa and Cerler hosted the Terrain Park F3st.

The Aramón group has five stations where you can find Snowparks: Cerler, Panticosa, Formigal, Valdelinares and Javalambre, and here we are going to tell you about all of them so that you can choose the one that best suits your rider spirit.


Starting with Cerler, the station at 1530 meters above sea level is very complete. Pleasing, thanks to its variety of modules and jumps, both new riders and those of higher levels, it offers a space for alpine skiing, touring and snowboarding. Visiting its most rebellious part we find boxes, red and black railings, tubes, flat boxes, downward tubes... and a long etcetera. While the "elderly" practice their tricks in these, the park has been converted to also accommodate the most childish and family public, creating the Basibé for this, an annex sector. Basibé has everything to enjoy: bridges, a metallophone, tunnels, cambers. This terrain park is located at the viewpoint of El rincón del cielo, which is an excellent hiking excursion in the warmer seasons, to convert in winter to this madness of freestyle.

Cerler Uller Snowpark

But in Cerler it is much more than “simply” practicing; goes further. This snowpark alternates holding self-organized competitions, such as its classic Freestyle 4kids for children under 16 and the Cerler Open Freestyle , leaving those over 17 to shine with their jumps, turns, descents and many more stunts that never cease to amaze us. On the external side, in addition to the Terrain Park F3st that we mentioned before, others have also been held such as the World Snowboard Day, both internal and external, all with prizes for the best female and male tricks.

You can sign up for all of these through their website. Now, how do I get to the snowpark? This snowpark is located in the Ampriú area, leaving the Batisielle chair in the direction of this you will start to find all the obstacles.

In addition, you can combine freestyle with freeride, since the station also has off-piste areas where you hardly have to walk. Nice look, huh? 18 lifts and 58 slopes in 61 km of hard-powder snow. what a joy


From Cerler we go to Valdelinares, exactly to what is known as The snow of Teruel, where freestyle lovers have a VIP pass, since for accessing the snowpark the station has its own exclusive lift to access it. Going down we will find rails, jumps and up to twenty-five modules of different levels to please everyone. The small station, almost 11 km long, has 9 lifts for the 8 slopes, a cozy space on the Villarejo slope. This has hosted events such as Madisson Snowboard or Revolution Day.

Does this taste little to you? Well, very close we find its “sister”, the 7 km station Javalambre, with its 8 slopes and 7 ski lifts, making it, once again, a playground for freestyle and freeride lovers. All you have to do is choose your modality: if you want to freeride and leave the jumps for a while, sit on the Camarena chairlift and go down the Amanaderos slope. There you will find a small dubis circuit and a track to feel free in pure rider style. On the other hand, if you want to continue hitting the tricks, take the same chairlift, but this time to Portillo. The Lapiaz area will be one of the places with the most modules and different railings and a good final jump.

Snowpark de Formigal Uller



We have saved the most complete one for last. We are in Huesca, specifically in the Pyrenean town of Sallent de Gállego, where the famous Formigal ski resort is located. In it we can meet influencers who love white sports such as María Pombo, Marta Riumbau or Mery Turiel.This station offers much more than alpine skiing and our beloved Marchica. In it we can also carry out activities such as sledding, snowshoeing, and both skiing and snowboarding off-piste to hit freeride.

The 112 km of snow that surrounds the 102 slopes and its 34 ski lifts leave us with a large number of areas with different activities, ensuring all the entertainment and plans we want.

Let's start with our Terrain park in Formigal, at the very entrance of which it reminds us of the importance of safety in this modality and the rules to follow. Within this we find the Skity Park, to take your first steps and introduce yourself to freestyle. The advantage of this snowpark is that the areas are differentiated by levels indicated with black, red and blue lines. These paths have been consciously devised so that you can progress according to them. As we have told you before, in Panticosa is its twin, Fobas Park. Both have rails, cells, half-pipe…

But, much more remains within Formigal! Continuing with the more rebellious modality we have the Funny track, initially for the youngest riders, but currently with challenges for all levels.

Formigal snowpark

The station also has other types of activities such as a boarder cross, to feel like you are in a real competition challenging your friends. On the other hand, if you want to go one step further, Formigal also has a permanent slalom, which you can rent, but in which you can also participate in the competitions hosted and organized by the station. Some of the events at this station have been neither more nor less than the FTP, where the best riders in Spain participate; the King of Am or “anti-competition”; and the one with good vibes, the Txoripapa.

Do the daylight hours fall short? This is not a problem. In addition to the party that awaits you in Marchica thanks to Diego Aguas, you will find the great variety of restaurants that the station offers, such as the Glera cabin: a dinner at 2000 meters of altitude. And there is tobogganing! This activity begins at 7:00 p.m., when the station has closed, after a dinner in a little piece of Italy, the Trattotoria Canal, you have the opportunity to finish your dessert in style, with a slide down a 2.5 km.



Of course there are Snowparks in Formigal! In fact, the Aramón group has five stations where you will find Snowparks: in Cerler, in Formigal, in Panticosa, in Valdelinares and in Javalambre.


In Formigal, in addition to cross-country skiing, alpine skiing and snowboarding, you can practice freestyle in its snowparks and freeride. There is also a variety of restaurants (some very characteristic, for being 2000 meters high or having tobogganing) and the well-known party in Marchica; These are the best known.


A snowpark is an area of ​​the resort suitable for practicing freestyle. This has different modules, railings, jumps, drawers, etc.


Sure! All the snowparks of the Aramón group have modules and areas differentiated by levels, in addition, you can hire teachers to teach you or start on your own by following the steps that they indicate.

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