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Desire Vila


Desiree Vila

Full name: Desirée Vila Bargiela

Date of birth: June 15, 1998

Origin: Gondomar, Pontevedra (Spain)

Profession: Professional Athlete | Adapted Athletics | Paralympic athlete and acrobatic gymnast.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/desivila98/

“There are circumstances that can change our path but we can always look for other paths and challenges.”

Desirée Vila is a young Spanish athlete, who has transformed from a gymnast into a nationally and internationally recognized athlete, especially for her positive spirit and her story of overcoming herself.

her This is a young woman who, after medical negligence, was forced to radically change her routine and her lifestyle. She has now become a successful Paralympic athlete and also a model woman for millions of girls and young people worldwide.

Desiree Vila

"The amputation brought me more good than bad."

The young athlete was 16 years old when she suffered a fractured tibia and fibula in 2015 while training for the European acrobatic gymnastics. Medical negligence led to the amputation of her right leg. After the event, the young Galician took refuge in sport again, and thanks to this, both she and her family were able to overcome hard months, and transform a difficult reality into a reason for strength.

Desirée has always had a spirit of sport and adventure that has guided her towards sports, even from a very young age. She began practicing acrobatic gymnastics in 2012 with the Flic Flac Club in Vigo, the year in which she was proclaimed champion of Galicia with her team in the Pabellón de las Traviesas (Vigo) and the following year she was runner-up in Galicia in the Pabellón dos Remedios ( Ourense). Her successful career and her talents were reflected in the years that followed. Even after the amputation, Desirée Vila continued with the desire to be one with the sport, she tried chair tennis, basketball and swimming.

“I wouldn't change my life now for the one before, I wouldn't change everything I've learned“.

Finally, in 2018 she began to practice athletics, the year in which she was proclaimed champion of Spain in the 100 meters (21.43), and long jump (2.54) in the Spanish championship for communities, and in the Spanish club championship, with a mark of 20.48 in the 100 meters and 2.94 in the long jump. Undoubtedly, her spirit of adventure, sport and self-improvement helped Desiree find her way in a new motivation: athletics. Without a doubt, she is a source of motivation and inspiration.

Desiree Vila

Currently, the athlete is promoting challenge 14 of CaixaBank, within the "20 for 20" program of the "Mavericks of Sport" campaign. Through Desirée Vila's story, she seeks today to meet the athletes who have turned what, a priori, may seem like a barrier into an opportunity to improve and an open door to new challenges. In fact, 'The only incurable thing is the will to live' is Desirée's motto and the title of her book.

The athlete, who also gives motivational talks in her position as ambassador of the Adecco Foundation. She gives awareness days demonstrating that disability is also a synonym of talent and normality. In addition, she was chosen as an inspirational model for girls through the world of Barbie.

“We all have disabilities, which are our limits, and also super abilities.