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gafas de snowboard temporada de esqui


Best slopes in Europe to wear snowboard goggles this ski season!

It's ski season !! Nothing makes us more excited than this, because together with it comes the excitement of getting back on the slopes as we usually do every year, and enjoying winter and the white season to the fullest as we deserve.

Though there are challenges and changes that prompt us to make adjustments to our routines, we will always find ways to find new and better ways to enjoy the adventure that awaits us in the snow action. For this and much more, we suggest you take your best snowboard goggles and immerse yourself in the slopes with them most amazing ski resorts on the European continent. Do you already know them?

And, fortunately, Spain has some of the best mountains for skiing and snowboarding internationally, as well as all of Europe, which in general has been blessed with the most ideal slopes to enjoy of this extreme sport.

Now yes, grab your board and snowboard goggles And join us Let's see which are the most amazing slopes in Europe!

gafas de snowboard temporada de ski


A station that occurs between two valleys: Val d'Aran located on the Atlantic slope of the Pyrenees and the Valls d'Àneu, in the region of Pallars Sobirà with Mediterranean orientation. The advantage is that both offer an endless number of outdoor activities even from the summer season, but since what we are most interested in now is the snow, these are the reasons that make it one of the most visited and ideal stations in all of Europe. .

This is the destination par excellence for Kings and the Royal Family to enjoy their Christmas holidays. Don Juan Carlos, Doña Sofía and their three children used to spend weekends on the slopes of Baqueira, letting themselves be photographed with all their equipment, clothing and snowboard goggles by the press.

The best way to get to know the Baqueira resort is taking advantage of the tours called “safaris”. They are routes with the aim of showing skiers the different difficulties of each track. They are marked and signposted, which can be guided independently or with your group of friends.

In addition to offering all these attractions, Baqueira also has accommodation options. From five-star hotels to slightly more affordable alternatives located in nearby towns with good atmospheres and restaurants that bring life to the weekends of the ski season .


Zermatt is undoubtedly the place where you should wear your new snowboard goggles . Located on Monte Cervino, it is one of the most acclaimed tracks on the European continent with more than 360 km available to fans.

This town is, in fact, considered a very exclusive tourist destination to visit during the ski season because their prices can be a bit high, at the station or in the town. The resort ski pass includes the possibility of skiing on both sides of the mountain, the Swiss and the Italian… Great for us? Remember that it is mostly recommended for those experts in snow and skiing. Will you join the challenge?

The best thing is that if you can't go in the winter season, you don't have to keep your snowboard goggles! And it is that in Zermatt you have the possibility of skiing in summer, in the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, which it is the highest summer ski area in Europe. Remember that if you travel by car you should make sure that it is electric, since it is considered an ecological city by the locals!

gafas de snowboard temporada de ski


Zermatt is not the only place where you can take your snowboard goggles in summer! In Val ‘Isère it is also possible to ski in summer on the glaciers that surround the mountain: La Grande Motte and Pissaillas.

The station has more than 300 km for skiing and is considered one of the most amazing locations in the world to practice snowboarding and ski. In addition, it hosted the 1992 Olympic Games and the 2009 World Cups, giving it the well-deserved reputation of quality that the resort has, ideal for enjoying the ski season .

In addition, the town also invites you to enjoy different nighttime activities, including the “après-ski” (after skiing). Undoubtedly, it has a charm that is different from the rest of the European resorts, attracting more and more tourists who are fans of sports every year, but also professionals from all over the world.


If you travel through Europe in search of the best slopes to show off your best snowboard goggles and do the most incredible pirouettes, because you can't leave out visiting Italy. One of the best recommendations is that you go to Val Gardena, one of the most beautiful stations in the world. The mountain range, The Dolomites, is one of the most famous and most preferred resorts of almost all fans for the ski season . There is also the town of Selva di Val Gardena, one of the most popular for the charm of the locals, the accommodation options and the different night-time activities it offers.

Fortunately the station has slopes for all levels, but the one that is undoubtedly the preferred route is the Sella Ronda, which has won major awards, making it one of the most famous in Italy. It is a circular route that borders the Sella mountain range, to the north of the Marmolada and Langkofel mountains. The interesting thing is that it can be skirted in both directions clockwise.

Did we already convince you to visit them all? Now how about we travel to Austria.

gafas de snowboard temporada de ski


It is considered the best station in Europe according to the Mountain Magagement Study, after a survey carried out among fans taking into account its slopes, accommodation and facilities offered to all its visitors.

The extension of its tracks reaches 200km, including another 120km of tracks for cross-country skiing.

An advantage over the rest of the resorts is that it has special areas to rest with beach hammocks and ergonomic chairs for sunbathing and showing off your snowboard goggles , while you wait between downloads.

Another of their additions that they have incorporated are the chairlifts equipped with heated seats, hoods and automatic closing for children, this being one of the attractions for families.

We couldn't leave Austria without including another of its emblematic slopes, Ischgl.The station has up to 238 km of slopes and a curious fact is that it shares a section of the mountain with Switzerland called Samnaun and has no taxes, meaning that it is possible to buy items at a much cheaper price than anywhere else .

Ischgl is one of the most acclaimed resorts in the ski season for being one of the most complete in Austria, with great ski and snowboard slopes.

It should be noted that the après-ski” it is considered one of the best in Europe for its great popularity in the field of entertainment and parties, with a wide variety of bars and restaurants to the enjoyment of the public.

gafas de snowboard temporada de ski

In ski season, theses are some of the most amazing slopes in Europe, but the journey continues and you can enjoy many other seasons and amazing activities depending on your plans and companions. Now that you know which are the resorts you shouldn't miss, we invite you to plan your next destination for this or the next ski season. Yes indeed! Remember to always wear the right clothing and equipment, with the best snowboard goggles to protect yourself and make your experience the best.